Female Student Athletes in Florida Are Being Aske…

Remember these are kids and little girls even before they start puberty. The question air goes back 20 years. That will cover high schoolers all their lives and most college students. The survey by the state says they will share the information with third party’s so who has your daughters cycles, durations, severity, and other information of their menstruation. Think about it, this is the state that has called teachers groomers for mentioning gay people / same sex marriage exists, and indoctrinating 5 year olds in how to be transgender by mentioning that transgender people exist. Scary because religious leaders say there is no such things, god did not do it in the Bible so no one can be them things. Hugs

That policy specifies that student data is shared to “work with third parties who conduct studies or assist us in providing and improving our products and services” and that third parties are contractually obligated to protect student data, but did not provide any specifics as to what that protection might entail. Most worryingly, though, the privacy policy also notes that student data can be accessed by law enforcement and other government entities if requested.


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