Arkansas School District Approves Anti-Trans Poli…

This is a public school, not a religious church run school. LGBTQ+ are legal members of the public. One person told the students in the audience that their queer classmates deserve death. What the hell. Next will they say blacks need to be out of the schools and working as slaves? I am tired of the entitled mind set right now by the religious Fundies. I just read a story about the Taliban tracking down anyone who they suspect to be gay and that means anyone not macho manly enough or abusing women enough for them and after a spot of fun torture killing them. Just to make sure the message gets heard they send a video of it to the persons family. The message in case you don’t get it is that gays do not exist in Afghanistan. They don’t exist and if we find one we kill then before it can spread. Of course that doesn’t stop people being born gay but it scares the shit out of anyone with these feelings and they keep it very well hidden as best they can. That is what these entitled Christians want to force the public to do, follow their church doctrine and live according to their rules. They don’t care about your rights, they don’t care what you believe, they don’t care how you want your child raised, what they care about is you are forced to worship their god as they demand you do. Look at the tweeted clips, the violence these people endorse to force other to live as they thing their god wants. Don’t make their god cry, as god is powerless unless you do what he says. Hugs

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