Christian teacher fired after campaign against qu…

Facts matter. This is a public school! Gay couples with kids are legal and exist. Same sex marriage is legal. Diversity in public spaces is reality and is a good thing. It is not political nor an indoctrination to tell kids in school that people are different, exist, and have to be treated fairly and equally. That is facts. She wanted her kids not to hear this message and the teachers and schools agreed to remove her kids from those times of the class. Then she insisted that none of the kids should hear that message. She was saying I don’t want your kids to learn things I don’t like. Change this to racism, is it ok to deny black parents / black couples exist because you are a white supremacist. And what was her reason for forcing other peoples kids to accept her wrong world view, she was a Christian. So she feels it is ok to take the other parents rights away from them and force an entire school to accept her religious views and tell kids that due to her religion reality is wren go and doesn’t exist. Do you see how entitled and insidious this is? One person feeling that not only should she control everything about her child, but your children also due to her religious views! Not that she would give such privilege to other religious faiths. I am tired of the tyrannical minority that has become the Christian fundies. They are not even saying let us live our lives as we wish, but are now demanding we change the entire country and laws to suit them. Fuck that! For me this has become a war for my rights and my right to exist. Hugs

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  1. The thing that continues to irritate me to no end is the fact that people like this try to force everyone else to honor THEIR beliefs … but they would fall to the floor kicking and screaming if the school wanted to include books on OTHER religions!

    I contend that it’s the Christian parent’s responsibility to teach their kids about what they believe — it is NOT their responsibility to force these beliefs on anyone else’s kids. If the book is “required” reading, then the parent has full authority to explain to their own kids why they believe the contents are wrong … and most kids will accept what their parents believe.

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    1. Hello Nan. !00% correct in my view. You have it spot on as it use to be and how it should be. I remember talking to the man that paid for my tuition at the church boarding school I attended. At that time forced prayers in school was a big thing in the news. I thought he would be supportive of it. Imagine my surprise and eye opening at his response. No he told me, I don’t want that at all in public school at all. I would hate to have my child forced to pray to another god than the one I believe in he told me. He also said that was why he supported and paid for so many SDA kids to go to the church boarding school. Because they taught the faith he believed in.

      As you say he never felt it was the job of the state or anyone else to install the moral system he wanted his kids to have, he felt that was up to the parents and the local church. I wonder if the church is the same as when I left it? Hugs

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