School board meeting descends into chaos as prote…

Gang of thugs, ruling by intimidation with threats of violence. Do not allow civilized conversation, just demand your own way and shout down anyone who disagrees. And as always they claim to be the majority when they are instead the minority, just loud brash and unreasonable. These people don’t care about anyone else nor what is progressive changes in understanding or society, but insist on the world returning to the way it was in their holy books written thousands of years ago. I am sick of it. If we don’t stop these people now think of what the country is devolving into. Hugs

Monday night’s meeting of the Dearborn Public Schools’ board was reportedly packed with hundreds of demonstrators carrying signs that read “Keep Your Dirty Books in the Closet” and “If Democracy Matters, We’re the Majority.”

Unlike many similar scenes that have played out across the country over the past year, the protesters in Dearborn were primarily Muslim. According to The Detroit Free Press, Dearborn is 47 percent Arab American, most of whom are Muslim. But a key organizer of recent local protests is Stephanie Butler, a Christian, who attended both Monday night’s board meeting and a September protest outside the Henry Ford Centennial Library.

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