Text messages pretending to be school board candi…

Thugs, the Republican Party maga base are just gang thugs. This vocal loud brash minority demands their own way through threats of violence. My dogs that love gravy they attacked a kids and wrote they were going to kill her. Seriously these are the people claiming they are banning books and enforcing don’t say gay bills to protect kids, yet they tell a little girl they will kill her and her mother. Oh and this is the place where TERFs and other anti-trans groups tried to say a girl was sexually assaulted in the bathroom by a trans girl. Wrong. The boy was cis and only wore a skirt because it was easier to get a blow job from girls that way. He had had sexual acts with the girl before, and this time they agree to meet in the girls bathroom, they started with her doing oral sex on him and then wanting to stop. That is her right. She like everyone can withdraw consent at anytime. He refused to let her stop, that is the assault part. But at no time was it anything to do with trans students in bathrooms. Hugs

Loudoun County’s school board meetings have been assailed by anti-LGBTQ protestors for over a year. In June 2021, a school board meeting devolved into chaos as conservative protestors demanded an end to a policy requiring staff refer to transgender students by their names. One man was arrested.

Members of the Loudoun County school board have received death threats from conservatives.

“It is too bad that your Mama is an ugly communist whore,” read one letter addressed to the child of school board member Brenda Sheridan earlier this year. “If she doesn’t quit or resign before the end of the year, we will kill her, but first, we will kill you!”

The letter came after rightwing media reported a story where they claimed that a girl was sexually assaulted by a boy in a Loudoun County school restroom. They claimed that it was a result of the district’s policy on transgender students, even though the policy hadn’t even been passed at the time of the sexual assault and the assailant was a cisgender boy.


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