At Least 20 Cultists Now Spreading “Litter Boxes” Lies

Again this is a made up myth, a lie repeated to attack trans kids and to mock allowing trans gender kids to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.   This is done so these republicans don’t get called bigots.   An attack by proxy.   The truth is their base, the people in their party understand what it is about and glory in the hate.   That is what these kind of people do.  Trans people and trans kids do not harm them.   The majority of major medical associations support affirmative gender care for trans

kids which includes full medical work ups, mental health exams, social transitioning, puberty blockers when needed, hormone therapy when needed, and finally when old enough and sure of the gender intensity sexual reassignment.   That cannot be argued by the anti-haters that want to use the fringe skeptic doctors and fake studies to pretend the hate they spread is correct.   Just like vaccine deniers and Covid hoax fringe claimants.    The truth is the major medical organizations have looked at the issue and have formed best practices, and until they change their minds the haters can stay silent with their lies.    Hugs

NBC News reports:

At a luncheon for Republican women in Mesa County, Colorado, last week, Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., warned that educators “are putting litter boxes in schools for people who identify as cats.” The week before, on Sept. 29, Minnesota GOP gubernatorial nominee Scott Jensen asked during a campaign stop, “Why do we have litter boxes in some of the school districts so kids can pee in them, because they identify as a furry?”

At least 20 conservative candidates and elected officials have claimed this year that K-12 schools are placing litter boxes on campus or making other accommodations for students who identify as cats, according to an NBC News review of public statements. In Colorado, GOP gubernatorial nominee Heidi Ganahl insisted in several recent interviews that students were dressing and identifying as cats, disrupting class, and the state’s schools were tolerating it.

Read the full article.

How pathetic. The litter is there for terrified students who are locked in during a school murder spree. And now it’s spun into a filthy lie to use against another vulnerable group.

Cat litter can be used to soak up vomit. Not uncommon to have it around for many things at a school. We never had cats growing up, but always had some kitty litter to soak up oil or other car fluids in the garage (Dad was a mechanic).

Ty • 2 hours ago

How would GED Boebert know – its not like she is familiar with anything school related

Philly Mike 🐸 Ty • 2 hours ago

She has an honorary Phd in being a loud broad with a Glock and isn’t that really what matters.

Mike P • 2 hours ago

Why can’t the media call out these Republicans as the FUCKING LIARS they are.

KarenAtFOH Mike P • 2 hours ago

Can’t have a proper horserace if one side is wrong.

Todd20036 • 4 hours ago

Trans people will be the first ones marched into the camps. Followed by gay men

worstcultever • 4 hours ago

After all this time – why on earth isn’t there some prominent, loud, rapid response entity to debunk the fuck out of this shit before it literally drowns us to death in mass mental illness?

What happened to that Jersey girl (e.g.) who was briefly tweeting for the WH and slew all kinds of crapola in single deft snarky strokes?

Why, why, WHY do we allow this poison to go unanswered?????!!!!!

The_Wretched worstcultever • 3 hours ago • edited

Clearchannel and sinclair own everything. Professor Senator Warren has monopoly break up plans. All of them are needed to restore democracy.

Lestat worstcultever • 4 hours ago

That ship sailed with the death of mass media. There was a time when Walter Cronkite could go on television and, for better or worse, be believed by the vast majority of people. Now we are utterly beholden to the rumor mill and the “social media” profiteers who depend on it.

Random Observer Lestat • 2 hours ago

This. Decentralization of “truth” means that you get a bunch of cheap hacks, rather than a few experts.. In one way, it was an unintended consequence of cutting the cord..

Kevin Perez • 4 hours ago

There is no way to publicly humiliate these losers because their echo chambers have become so large that they never see the rest of us pointing and laughing at them.

April Smith • 4 hours ago

Since EVERYONE carries a phone (with a camera) you would think we’d have “proof” of all these furry litterboxes at schools by now.

SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • 4 hours ago • edited

The right has for years (Tea Party anyone?) interrupted town halls and other candidate and representative events. We need to put them into defensive put up or shut up mode.

“Miss Politician, can you, within 24 hours provide concrete proof of these litter boxes for students who identify as cats. The school address, classroom, etc. If you cannot, do you agree to resign from office, as we cannot trust you to make intelligent decisions for your constituents if you promote such a laughable claim with zero evidence.”

Paula • 4 hours ago

At school, I will occasionally see see student, usually a girl, wearing those slip on cat ears. They are just being silly teenagers, there’s nothing to it. I guess they will be banning those now.

SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad kaydenpat • 4 hours ago

And as we laugh at the lies and the media reports, no one is talking about negotiating drug prices, yesterday’s stock market surge, DeSantis being sued, Trump’s deposition in the defamation case, etc. etc.

Its a very intentional strategy.

Bruce_in_Mpls • 4 hours ago

Isn’t it time we started banning musicals?


Bob from CT • 4 hours ago

In this day and age when everyone can take photos and record videos on
their phones why isn’t there visual evidence of at least one school
litter box? You’d think some disgruntled custodian who has to dispose of
the waste and refill the box with clean litter would have already been a
special guest on Tucker.

DmR • 4 hours ago

Where are the photos of kids going doo-doo in the litter box? I’m sure one of those kids woulda taken one and posted it on F-book!

Ed B • 4 hours ago

Cat litter is also good for keeping in your trunk in case of snow. For traction.

But I digress…

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