Odie is starting to walk better but the place he wants to be on my new desk when I am here

Something happened to Odie just before the hurricane, he started to have a lot of trouble with one of his back legs. We assumed he he caught it jumping down the steps we made for him to get off my desk. But after the hurricane it showed us that what ever is causing it got much worse. When we first got home he couldn’t hardly walk. He would walk a few steps with two or three of his legs out of his control, like he was very drunk. Then for a while he walked like his back feet were controlled by someone else. He thump walked. His rear legs went out from under him. And he thumped as he tried to walk. We would have tried to take him to his vet but their office has not been open yet as of last weekend. So now he is walking better. Very slow but all his limbs seem under his control. We really have no clue what the issue is, but one thing we do and don’t is let him jump down from any height as it will hurt him again. Which means we pick him up to anything he needs that is any height. When he is on my desk I or someone else must watch him so if he starts to want to get down we can pick him up and set him on the ground. He has learned the system, now he get food or treaties and comes to my desk and sits there looking at me or meowing. That means pick me up and let me take over your desk please. And you maybe shocked to know I do that. We do put him in his personal chair next to the window because it is much lower than the desk and if we don’t put him in that chair he will struggle to get into it himself. We do notice that instead of jumping out he slides out on his stomach. This is just one more in a long list of issues we are dealing with after the hurricane.

Look this is on my phone typed with my keyboard and I know there are a lot of errors, but fixing them all is going to be hard. If I miss any please overlook them. Life is hard enough for us right now with out spelling / grammar police. Hugs

8 thoughts on “Odie is starting to walk better but the place he wants to be on my new desk when I am here

    1. Hello Nan. Thank you. I agree it is very possible. It started with one back leg and then after we took him with us during the hurricane it was much worse. He seemed unable to control his back legs and walked like he was on ice and was roller blading. His legs would slide out to the sides without his control. He seemed to be getting better with more fluid straighter walking but this morning he was really bad again and he wouldn’t even come out of the closet he now calls his safe space. He is spending his hours out of the closet on my desk, or in his low chair by the window. I am worried about him. Hugs

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    2. Hello Nan. I was thinking you were correct, but the vet doesn’t think it is an injury, she thinks it is his diabetes and high blood sugar. She says that from the way it has manifested that it could be his blood sugar that we were getting under control soared on our evacuation when we were feeding him more dry food than before. So this morning I gave him the first shot. He has to have two a day and it is three units each shot. I will let everyone know how it works out. Hugs

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      1. Well, it’s good to know the actual cause … although I’m not sure this diagnoses is all that great since, as you know, diabetes is not all that easy to control. Plus you sure don’t need the extra costs right now! In any event, I hope he improves.

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        1. Hello Nan. I don’t trust the diagnoses either as she never even saw him before she made it. Plus even after taking his dose to 4 units twice a day he shows very little improvement. His front feet move normally but to move his back feet to walk he uses his hips. He seems to have very limited control over his back legs. They don’t splay out from him like they use to but that may be because he don’t really try to move them much. I will let everyone know in another week or so how he is doing. But as Ron said regardless of what it is we will do what we can to help him but we are not putting him down. I am not sure where that came from as I never suggested it but he blurted that out the other evening to all of us that we were not going to have Odie put down. I was stunned. Not as long as we can care for him and he is not suffering, I replied. Ron still seemed upset about the idea, and I told him we would have him checked out when he goes to the vet in a few weeks to check his daily blood sugar. Hugs

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    1. Hello Ali. We will. It is scary what is happening to Odie. Ron is going to talk to the vet when he can. The thing is we just sort of got to a point where we can think again. Before this is all crisis management. Odie started having trouble with on of his back legs just before the storm. During the evacuation for a while he was kept in the cage as the road was dangerous and I did not want to be distracted. Then we hit a bad bump bouncing everyone in car badly including Odie in his carrier. When I opened the carrier he seemed OK though. Even after we got home to get James, switched from the car to the van and spent the night in a parking lot he still seemed okay. He wouldn’t settle down but seemed to be walking OK. But after we got back home a day or two later, I noticed he couldn’t walk. His back legs seemed to be like he was on slippery ice, the legs splayed out to the sides seeming out of control. He doesn’t seem in pain that I can tell. And there has been some improvement. I thought it was a stroke but Nan sent a link to a spine article and it could be that. Hugs

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