A small update

Just wanted to let everyone know things are getting back to normal here.   Sort of.   Ron made supper tonight of fried chicken parts and French fries.   I was going to clean it all up, but James came out of his room and did it.  I won’t sugar coat this, my physical ability has lessened a lot more.   I over did for too long during the hurricane evacuation and when we first got home, and now I am having to increase my medication every dose to help control my pain levels.   The pain is not just muscles, now the spine shots have worn off and I feel the bones in my spine screaming with pain.   My own fault.   Both James and Ron worried greatly when we first got home and so much work needed to be done that we all pushed ourselves.   Now I sit until I cannot stand it, then go lay down, get up and repeat.  The thing is I cannot stay in bed at night too long.   Last night I went to bed about 8 PM.  Got up at 11 PM, stayed up until 2:30 AM, went back to bed and was awake in pain by 6 AM.   Not getting a lot of quality sleep.   Odie is walking badly in the morning but when he gets up and walks around in the afternoon he seems to move much better.    We have covered the roofs with great thanks to Randy who sent us the best tarp when we couldn’t get any.   We have all our laundry done.   Ron spent most of the last two days raking the lawns, clearing the debris, mowing the area, raking the area, repeat.   The park office announced out of the blue that we only have until Friday to get all our debris and damaged stuff to the front for them to pick up and then after that it is our responsibility to dispose of it.   How we are to do that living in a development is unknown, I guess we would have to pay a company to come take stuff and dispose of it.   But my issue is with the short timeing.   There are a lot of older single people who are just getting back on their feet and have few people to call and help them.   I got a call from a 78 year old lady tonight that the internet company was telling her that she needed to rent their equipment to get her spotty internet working again, she asked me if that was true.  It is not.   The internet system and the wires of the company that provide it took a hit, but she is not required to rent their expensive stuff to make her internet work.   I told her I will go over to her place tomorrow and check it out.    She says her equipment has all the normal green lights, so I suspect if her internet is spotty it is in the outside wires.   I am not sure what more to tell you all, so I think I am going to close down for the night and go to bed.   If anyone has questions ask me and I will reply.   Hey I am almost caught up with comments, at least more than I have been in more than a month.   Hugs

15 thoughts on “A small update

  1. Already near tears, this sent me looking for the box of tissues. I have no words, but know that you are in my heart, dear Scottie, that I care, and you have only to email if I can be of any help in some way. Love and hugs to you, Ron, and James … 💗

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    1. Hello Jill. Thank you for all your love and your hugs. Please don’t worry or cry for us. There are always ups and downs in life and so many people have it worse than we do. Ron, James, and I have each other to help each other. The house is damaged, and one estimate was about 45 thousand dollars. The first roofer we had look at the front room said he did not think his company could do it because we needed a contractor to come bring the room up to new codes. But Ron and James might be able to do the work themselves. Then we can get a roofer. But again there are others in worse shape. A few minutes ago an ambulance showed up next door. Our new neighbor lady Lori hurt her back very badly and was screaming in pain as they were getting her on the gurney. She must have fallen or something. Poor woman she bought her home this summer, moved in a week or so before the hurricane hit, her car blew the radiator, and her roof, carport, and porch was ripped off in the hurricane. Now she seems badly hurt. What a rough welcome to the area. Hugs

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      1. Yes, I know there are always some who are even worse off, and I applaud your attitude … it’s one too few people have these days. But, when it is someone you know, someone you care about going through such difficult times, naturally it makes me sad. Again, let me know if I can help … I don’t have a lot, but would be able to loan you a few hundred if it would help. Hugs

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        1. Hello Jill. Thank you, you are a grand person. But FEMA came through with the additional amounts we needed. We got a call to follow up and see if we required more assistance yet and Ron couldn’t hear because he was in a grocery store so he wouldn’t give the woman his last 4 of his SS. He thought they would call back, but they did not. I will go online this week and follow up. But the problem we are having is getting roofers to come to even look at the roof, and the first one who looked said that he felt his company wouldn’t help us because the wall needed to be done first and the room brought up to current code. The other company that Ron talked to told him they couldn’t currently get the materials needed to even put a pan roof over it. We cannot put up the wall until we have a roof over that side of the room. But it will work out. Thanks again. Hugs

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          1. Thanks, Scottie! But no, I’m just an average person who cares about others. The phrase, “When it rains, it pours” seems apropos here in more ways than one! Sigh. I hope you can get a roofer on it soon! I’d offer to just come do it for you but for two things: 1) I’m deathly afraid of heights and even stepping onto the second step of our little kitchen stepladder sets off chest pains & vertigo, and 2) I know nothing about roofing! Hang in, dear friend. Hugs

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    1. Hello Barry. Thank you. Life is returning to some semblance of normalcy. We are getting use to the changes of losing a large section of our home, we have power and water, so we are able to function and eat. Now we have to figure out how to get things fixed. The emotional shock is wearing off. Best wishes.


    1. Hello Michael. Yes things are getting better every day. I am lucky that we have what we need to function and improve things. It is sinking in that it might take a long while to get all the damage repaired, but hopefully it will all be repaired. Hugs


  2. So sorry to hear about your physical condition (😪), but good to know that other things are starting to fall into place … although there are still lots of challenges to face. But that’s to be expected. Nevertheless, it sounds like you guys are handling them little by little.

    P.S. Hope Odie is doing OK. I tend to think he’s been affected by this catastrophe as much as you guys … and the bad/sad part is that he doesn’t understand what’s happening.

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    1. Hello Nan. Yes things are starting to have the feeling of returning to being normal. I have a desk area with most of my stuff so I can do my normal stuff. James is back to work and doing his stuff. Ron is getting a handle on what we need to do for repairs. We did screw up one thing but it can be fixed. A FEMA person called me to ask questions and I couldn’t answer then well so I asked her to call Ron at his number. He was not home and when she called him he worried it was a scam so he wouldn’t give her his identifying info. But hopefully she or someone else will call back. If not we will try to call them. In some ways having my desk in the living room makes it easier for me to do some of the kitchen work so Ron has more time to do other stuff. Things I can do like emptying the dishwasher of clean dishes, filling the dishwasher with dirty ones. I wish I had not had to take the kitchen table as my desk, but it makes a much better desk for me than my old one, and it looks like I will be keeping it. Funny story behind the table. Back in 1998 we bought a home. The owner took all the furniture and set it in the yard to sell. He had a small wooden table that the center opened up to extend the table to about 8 feet. We did not have a table and Ron liked it. So I bought it for $100 dollars. A year or two later my adopted parents were at our home and the adopted father spotted the table. He really wanted it and offered to give us a nice glass table. He was doing us a favor as he put it. Turned out he knew it was not just a older wooden table, it was worth over $800 dollars something he crowed about after he got it. Well nothing new about him trying to screw me and get over on me. I put it out of my mind knowing I owned the home he was living in and the table would be coming back to me eventually. After both their deaths, before I sold the place I took my table back. I feel I was the better person all my life and this was somehow the universe giving me a pat on the back. Ya I know that is superstition and not true, but it does feel like it. Hugs


      1. Interesting about the table with the middle section that opened up … I have a table that does that. It’s a round (with an extension insert) “Early American” style table with four chairs and made of maple wood. My mom bought it for me (at my request) many dozens of years ago. I guess they’re fairly rare now and worth some money.

        Anyway, glad that things are slowly but surely coming together. Even though there’s still a long road ahead, it sounds like your lives are falling back into at least some sort of routine.

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        1. Hello Nan. This one doesn’t have an extension. The center top of the table sits on two end pieces of table to 18 inches on each end. When you pull the table apart / open the center part drops down into the rails / support area. It makes a good size rectangle table, perfect for my desk. Yes as you say they are rare and their value has increased. I am going to keep this for my desk and get Ron a different table for the house. Hugs

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