Mar-A-Lago Docs Included Intel On Iran And China – JMG

I tried to get to the Washington Post article but they wanted a subscription.    We have far too many things we need to pay for and I couldn’t in anyway find a way to pay for this.   Here is the Joe My God post on it.   Hugs

OT (my blog I can do this) Ron got a few minutes to talk to Odies’s vet.   He went to talk to them on the way to do the grocery shopping and talked to a desk person and they took the information as the doctor was in a something.   Totally understandable they were without power for the same time we were, so appointments were backed up and everything else.   The vet called Ron back and explained that the disability could be explained by Odie’s diabetes.    Because it started before the evacuation, diminished and got better on our trip, and got horribly worse when we got back in the home and started feeding him all the food he wanted.  She said that his diabetes could be causing that.   So we bought new insulin since his is very sensitive to temperature.   Ron got home with the new insulin for him and the instructions and immediately assigned me the job.   I gave a little push back as Ron really has much more medical training than I do, and he gave shots at work.   His answer was “He loves you; he trusts you, he always acts like I am hurting him and with you he just lays there accepting it, so I don’t want to do it”.    I said OK but if I am not available you will need to do it.   As a patient that gets very painful injections into my spine and rock-hard muscles, I understand how much it matters if you trust the person doing it.   OK back to the regularly scheduled channel.   Hugs


 Now to the post!

The Washington Post reports:

Some of the classified documents recovered by the FBI from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and private club included highly sensitive intelligence regarding Iran and China, according to people familiar with the matter. If shared with others, the people said, such information could expose intelligence-gathering methods that the United States wants to keep hidden from the world.

At least one of the documents seized by the FBI describes Iran’s missile program, according to these people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe an ongoing investigation. Other documents described highly sensitive intelligence work aimed at China, they said.

Unauthorized disclosures of specific information in the documents would pose multiple risks, experts say. People aiding U.S. intelligence efforts could be endangered, and collection methods could be compromised.

Read the full article.


14 thoughts on “Mar-A-Lago Docs Included Intel On Iran And China – JMG

    1. Hello Nan. He lost a lot of weight already. He was 30 pounds and he is now 22.5 pounds. And that was just from feeding him wet food and less dry. He is walking a bit better, but I am still not letting him jump down any height. Ron put the couch pillows on the floor in front of his chair, so he slides from the seat to the pillows. We lift him up into the chair and on and off the new desk. We don’t let him up on the new bed, it is far too high for him to have gotten into even before this. Hugs

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    1. hello Nan. Not so much surprised as wondering why he wanted those documents. Remember he packed the boxes, he choose the documents. I really think he was selling information to the Saudi’s. Russia wouldn’t care about China’s ability or Iran; they are friendly allies. But the Saudi’s are not allies of either one. Plus the amount of money that the Saudi government has lavished on trump and his family is stunning, and their treatment of Biden is very unusual in the way they are treating a sitting US president. Makes me wonder. Hugs

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  1. Hey Scottie! Two things …

    So sorry Odie isn’t feeling well. We had a cat just like him once — his name was actually Orange, thanks to Miss Goose who was about 4 when we got him and insisted on his name being Orange — and he also had diabetes. We learned that for some reason orange/ginger cats are far more likely to be diabetic than others. Hope Odie feels better soon. And for the record, Ron is right … if he feels more comfortable with you, then you should give him his injections.

    I have paid subscriptions to both The Washington Post and New York Times, so if there is ever an article you want from either of those sources, email me and I’ll get it for you!

    Hugs to you, Ron, and Odie!!!

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    1. Hello Jill. Thank you, that is a grand offer. Did you give your cats shots? Right now we are doing everything we can to keep Odie from jumping down and hurting himself. Ron put pillows in front of Odie’s window chair so he just slides down. He now waits for us to lift him up places. I will say for a while he was pooping on the floor but the last few days he has managed to use his box to poop. Pooping on the floor is his way of telling us if he is unhappy or angry about something. Hugs

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      1. Yes, we did give him shots, and since I’ve had Type I diabetes all my life, I’m an expert at giving insulin shots, so that was not a problem for me. He got used to it pretty quickly, but like Odie, he would come and look up at one of us if he wanted some lap time, rather than jumping up on his own. He seemed to have no problem jumping down, just up. Orange never pooped on the floor, but we have one now who has developmental problems, Isabella (Izzy for short) and SHE poops in the floor every day! Hugs

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        1. Hello Jill. I think Odie is unable to tell if he has stopped going poop or can’t tell he is going to start. He lays down now to use the litter box and some of the poop on the floor shows kitty litter in it. So it shows it was still in his butt in the box and he walked out putting it on the floor. Ron now agrees with me that he had a series of strokes starting with little ones that started a few months before the hurricane and a bigger one when we got him home. Hugs

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          1. Scottie, I know you’ve said that Ron won’t EVEN consider putting Odie down, but from what you’ve shared, it doesn’t sound like Odie has much quality of life. Of course it’s not for me to say, but from the things you’ve shared … well, there comes a time for all of us pet lovers to put our love on the back burner and consider whether our pet is living not only in comfort, but with a modicum of grace and nobility.


            1. Hello Nan. It is not all bad or doom and gloom. He gets better every day in some things. He rarely poops on the floor right now, only if it clings to him and he pulls it out of the box after him. He is raising some little bit to pee / poop instead of lying flat. He managed to poop twice in the boxes yesterday. Here is the thing he is trying hard to control his back legs but he cannot keep them from sliding out to the sides like he is on ice. It is like he is pushing sideways instead of down and backwards. When he walks, he thuds the back feet down like he has no sense of the floor or control of his feet’s descent. He still has to be lifted up on my desk or his chair by the window, and he has to be lifted down from my desk. His chair has couch pillows on the floor and the chair is an RV chair so very low. He can just lean over the edge and slide forward putting his front feet on the pillows and letting his back-end side off on to the pillows. He can get into the litter boxes, but he catches his back feet on the low lip of the boxes when he gets out. Here is the important part, he doesn’t seem to be in any pain over it all. He eats well, drinks his water well / normally. He purrs when I pet or comb him, and he even grooms himself. He struggles to rise up and fold in half to groom his belly or lower parts, and I have to brace him from rolling over when he tries. But he never cries out or shows pain, which is another reason we think it was a series of strokes instead of a bone / muscle problem. Right now he takes his insulin shots from me twice a day around 7 morning / night with no complaint, he seems happy. I wish there was hope for a full recover, but I doubt it will ever improve more than it is. Hugs

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    1. Hello Ali. Odie is loving the extra attention this is getting him. Not only is he lifted up and down and gets lots of extra time on my desk, I have moved his food dishes out to where I sit so he gets wet food as he wants it and as he eats he spreads it out around the plate I can scoop it back up into a pile so he keeps eating, looks up and I reach down and scoop the food, then he starts eating again spreading it out then looks up, I reach down and scoop, and repeat. He loves the larger desk area giving him more room. He misses not getting into bed with us but I set up a towel bed for him in Ron’s closet. Our new bed is just too high for him to get up on before he developed a problem controlling his back legs. If he was to jump down from it he would really hurt himself. Heck Ron needs a small step to get in and out of the bed. Lucky for me I am tall enough I can do it, but when I sit on the bed my feet do not touch the floor. Hugs

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