Ted Cruz shared name of trans preschool teacher on Twitter to his 5.3 million followers


Cruz knows what the maga base will do next.  They will hound this teacher and this school with threats and intimidation until the teacher so afraid for their life they leave voluntarily forever hounded by right wing thugs, or the school in fear has to fire the teacher.   LGBTQ+ are being made into villains, sexual predators and made social pariahs by the right including elected officials with the job of protecting all people in the US.  Plus what Cruz is mocking is the tolerance, acceptance, and positive way the pregnant teacher is framed by the school.   Which is a good thing.   The society is changing and should be more accepting of diversity and differences.  Medically trans people exist, they are here, they have lives they should live freely and openly, they are not evil or sinful.   If you at home want to teach your kids that trans people are sinful or evil fine, but the schools must & should teach non-discrimination against people that are not committing any crime and have legal rights regardless if you think they are evil or sinful.   The religious trans haters have a right to their opinion, but not to take actions against people simply because they don’t like them.   Hugs

Ted Cruz's daughter disagrees with his politics
Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz Photo: Shutterstock

Texas Sen.Ted Cruz (R) is one of several right-wing figures who invaded the privacy of a pregnant preschool teacher by exposing his name on social media.

Earlier this week, Cruz quote-tweeted a tweet from conservative activist Phil Kerpen that included screenshots of an email from a Washington, D.C., preschool outlining how parents should discuss a trans teacher’s pregnancy with students. Kerpen, who has over 100,000 followers on the platform, included screenshots that mentioned both the name of the school and the teacher.

The email reportedly framed the teacher’s pregnancy in positive terms and advised parents of “kids who may have associations with pregnancy and a certain gender, (‘only girls/moms can have babies’)” to echo the teacher’s own language around his pregnancy: “‘some boys have bodies that can have babies, and I have the kind of body that can have a baby, isn’t that cool?!’” The school also reportedly offered other resources to help facilitate discussions of transgender people, gender identity, and pregnancy with preschool-age children.

Cruz retweeted Kerpen’s post exposing the teacher’s name to his 5.3 million followers with the caption “Not satire.”


Kerpen’s tweet has been deleted, but right-wing media outlets like the Washington Examiner, the Citizen Free Press, and Sinclair Broadcast Group’s The National Desk seized on the story, further exposing the teacher’s name.

Cruz’s tweet, which does not include the name of the teacher or the school, remains up. The senator has been roundly criticized for exposing a private citizen to potential anti-LGBTQ harassment and violence.




5 thoughts on “Ted Cruz shared name of trans preschool teacher on Twitter to his 5.3 million followers

    1. Hello Roger. I think he knew what he was doing, he basically just told all of the maga thugs the teachers name and how to find them. Holy dog shit, think of what that means. He painted a target on the teacher and sent the maga attack dogs after them. Hugs

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        1. Hello Roger. They seem to forget that they ran and hid from the angry maga mob the created during Jan 6th just like the democrats did. But they just keep trying to rile up their base and creating more outrage. That is because they have no policies for governing. They don’t want the government to work to the public / the people. So they can not appeal to the people based on policies or what they would do to make the lives of the public better, they can only tell them to be angry to vote against the other side. That is why they go after the LGBTQ+ and try to create culture wars and hate where there was very little before. The republicans have nothing to offer the people, the work only for the wealthy / big business, so they have nothing else to convince the voters to vote for them other than those people want to let boys go into the locker rooms and leer at your daughter when she is nude. They make claims that men are going into women’s bathrooms to find little girls to attack, your little girl. It is all crap, but they hype it because they wont help the people with the real problems in their lives. Hugs


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