What a day yesterday was

The day started with both Ron and I in too much pain to stay in bed.   So about 5:30 after he tried to go back to sleep for an hour or so I had been awake since 2 AM, we got up.   I got a call yesterday from an older woman in the park with some internet issues.    I went to her home and fixed them.   The internet provider told her that to fix the problems she was have she needed to rent their equipment rather than as she had done buy her own.   That was a huge lie.   The thing with the internet provider is that they rent their equipment for a lot of money per month.   She just needed to have everything reconnected after the hurricane.  After doing my duty getting her computer to see her printer and things like that, about 90 minutes later I got home. 

Then the guys decided to take the fan and other stuff hooked up in the front room / my former office down and put it up in our bedroom.   It was not until they got it up that they thought to look for the remote which is the only way to control the fan.   James says he gave it to me along with the alarm keypad.   I remember the keypad and placed it in my closet.    But have no memory of the remote to the fan.   A search for the remote began in the house, but no remote was found.   So James changed the control boxes for the one in the bedroom with the one in the living room that did have a remote.   After three or four hours with power on and off, the fan was up and still did not work.   Seems there was a switch out that needed to be turned on.   Ok fan works.   Then I found the company’s contact number online, and Ron called them.   At first they were going to send a new control unit and remote, then they said they may need to replace the fans we have because they have recalls on them.   Crap.   Well if they replace them great, if for some reason they don’t crap.   By then it was too late to blog, and we ate a late supper that let me know I ate too much far too late at two in the morning.    After I ate, I went to bed.   That was yesterday.    Hugs

5 thoughts on “What a day yesterday was

    1. Hello Nan. I guess so. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be bored or just feel like I don’t have anything better to do than watch a good movie, I realize I am lucky to have things keeping me busy and feeling like I am accomplishing things. There is good and bad on all things isn’t there. Keeping my mind busy is good for me as you know. Getting tired out enough to sleep is also good. also. Hugs

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    1. Hello Roger. Thank you and please thank Sheila for me. When I moved in here, I started helping people who had computer issues for donation only. I did not care if I got money but realized that some people wouldn’t take the help without paying and others couldn’t afford a fee. I had my own needs for food and shelter met and being disabled I couldn’t work so had lots of time to help others with my training / skills. I was very happy with the things I could get done for people with a limited income and had a very good reputation to the point where people would call me when they were interested in buying a computer to get my advice on what to buy. But again I only helped for donations and if someone couldn’t or did not wish to give a donation, I never felt misused and would still help them whenever they called. I often tell the story of how after working many hours to get an elderly lady’s computer up and running and her printer connected, she said she had no money to pay me until her social security check came in. I told her no problem it was all good, no charge. She then demanded I take a coupon for a free pizza delivered by a local company. It was important for her to give me something and she was upset. I assured her that I was well satisfied with the coupon. I have had to explain to people that think that she misused me that that pizza may have been her supper, and she gave it up to give me. When people ask me why I only do things for donations I explain I have no way to know anyone’s situation. We have people here who are very poor, and we have people who are much better off. I do not want anyone to go without the help they might need that I could provide just because they were unable to pay me. It was not like this was going to cost me my home or being able to eat, and the money I got was extra play money. But I was forced to cut back the last few years and only help a small number of people due to my health and Covid. I just couldn’t take the chance of bring Covid home to Ron or getting it myself and far too many here in the area I live in follow right wing media and are anti-mask / Covid deniers. But there are some I still helped, and I am now open to help more in need as I and Ron are fully vaccinated. Hugs

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