NEW: Nancy Pelosi Says Trump ‘NOT MAN ENOUGH” to show up at January 6 Committee Deposition

Nancy Pelosi told a weekend morning show that Trump was too much of a coward and ‘not man enough’ to show up for the deposition the January 6 Committee subpoenaed him for.

4 thoughts on “NEW: Nancy Pelosi Says Trump ‘NOT MAN ENOUGH” to show up at January 6 Committee Deposition

    1. Hello Roger. Yes in as simply as it is to goad trump, but we forget what she has not done to push new democrats in prior red districts because she fights against the very progressives that could win those districts. And when I call out her supporters that claim she is the best ever political operative that due to her interference and insisting on running a centralist leaning right candidate after the voters showed they wanted a progressive they scream at me that I don’t understand. Yet every time she has interfered to stop a progressive candidate and instead pushed a corporate democrat they have lost. Yet she keeps doing it. Why? Because her corporate donors demand it. When asked years ago why she should be speaker in an interview she replied honestly “Because I bring in the most money”. That has become the corporate democrat criteria in our congress right now. The voters and the progressive fighting against that are fighting an uphill battle. So yes she is getting her cut of the profits, but it is not helping the working people nor any one else in the public. Hugs


  1. I probably sound like a broken record, but …

    While I like this guy’s videos better than some you post, I still find it tedious that it took him 12 minutes (!) to repeat/dissect/opinionate Nancy’s comments. I could see a person adding a couple of personal thoughts, but to go on and on and drag in other topics … 😬

    As for tRump showing up … all bets are off.

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