Arizona Police Guard Drop Boxes From Armed Cultists – JMG

Need I really remind people that democracy and a government of the people for the people requires that people get a vote as their say in who is elected to office.   These people “protecting” voting spots are really trying to keep people from voting via intimidation and fear.   They don’t want democracy they want to rule.  They want to force others to live as they a minority demand they do.    They cannot win with ideas, they way the want everyone to live is not popular or supported by the majority, so they threaten violence to stop some from voting and force everyone to do as they demand.    Hugs

Politico reports:

The sheriff in metropolitan Phoenix said Monday he’s stepped up security around ballot drop boxes after a series of incidents involving people keeping watch on the boxes and taking video of voters after they were apparently inspired by lies about the 2020 election.

On Friday, deputies responded when two masked people carrying guns and wearing bulletproof vests showed up at a drop box in Mesa, a Phoenix suburb. People watching the boxes and voters showing up to vote have covered their license plates, according to photos shared on social media.

The secretary of state said her office has received six cases of potential voter intimidation to the state attorney general and the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as a threatening email sent to the state elections director.

Read the full article.


DevilDog • 3 hours ago • edited

Isn’t it illegal to cover a car’s license plates? And aren’t these masked vigilantes the same people who, during the worst part of Covid, screamed that wearing a face mask somehow impinged on their freedom?

TexasBoy DevilDog • 3 hours ago • edited

It’s OK if you’re a violent Trumpanzee intimidating voters.

Rex • 3 hours ago

How long until someone is shot to death casting a ballot?

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