HUFFPOST: My Child Brought Home This Horrifying Pamphlet From School. I’m Furious — And You Should B e Too.

My Child Brought Home This Horrifying Pamphlet From School. I’m Furious — And You Should Be Too.
“I opened the pamphlet and saw two simple sketches of a naked, genderless child, labeled ‘FRONT’ and ‘BACK.’ I choked up as I realized what I was meant to do.”

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5 thoughts on “HUFFPOST: My Child Brought Home This Horrifying Pamphlet From School. I’m Furious — And You Should B e Too.

  1. This country is SICK.

    And why “gun-lovers” (like my other-half) cannot see past their own personal wants and needs to pass laws that MIGHT reduce mass killings is simply mind-boggling.

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    1. Hello Nan. The right has convinced it self that any regulation of guns is a reduction in freedom and a loss of a right in the constitution. But that is just hype. All rights have restrictions / regulations in what is and is not included in the right. Look at the right to free speech, it has restrictions / rules of application such as there is a law against inciting to riot or hate speech. Look at the right of a free press, it has limits also. The right to protest and address the government doesn’t mean you can stop the function of an elected body because you don’t like the election they are meeting to certify or vote into law. But the right has created such a boogieman over this. The NRA once said that they must not let any regulations even sensible ones get passed because that might lead to even more regulations and rules. So your other-half has had 30 years or more of propaganda hurled at them. And depending on the media they watch they did not hear the other side of the argument. And so to these people it is not just my gun I have over the life of some kid, it is the constitution and democracy over the life of some kid. Can’t let the country be destroyed can we. Obama was going to take everyone’s guns and then use the military to round up patriots / republicans (what they really mean is the black president is going to round up white Christians) and the patriots in Texas and other red states feel they must be ready to fight and defeat the radical black led government who is destroying the construction and ending democracy. None of which Obama did and how does a militia of “Meal team 6” with what every civilian weapons defeat the US military with drones and smart bombs? Anyway that is what the hype has been for generations for the right. Hugs

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  2. When the Redford kid was young, McGruff the Crime Dog (from our PD) would stop in at elementary schools each year to leave little packets of fun stuff and other stuff reminding kiddoes to stay in groups, don’t engage with strangers, etc. The packets included a form like this for families to complete and return to the local PD. School shootings were happening, not as often as these days, but snatchings were up in those years, too. I completed one early on when he started daycare, and kept it in my purse so that I could produce it if it was needed to help find the kid. I was so thankful to shred that when he moved away to college. I want us to do more about gun violence, too. It’d sure be nice if people would start behaving themselves for the most part!

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    1. Hello Ali. The issue I have with this is not that the parent have a list like you did, or even the vitals / foot prints of a child. My issue is with the government starting a database on babies / little kids from birth. They start with blood types and prints at the hospitals, then the schools and police resource officers fill in bits and pieces in the child’s record and if ever they do get into trouble no matter how minor the police now know the kids entire history. Hugs

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