The Intention of the Founding Fathers

3 thoughts on “The Intention of the Founding Fathers

  1. Good Morning, Scottie;
    I listened to this video while taking my shower, brushing my teeth, etc. It’s a good way to use relatively brain free moments of the day…. and I found myself getting ticked. I feel that way a lot these days.
    There is such a huge level of … I don’t know, the word seems so simple and yet profound so it escapes my mind like an acidic mist. I want to scream out who the “f” do these folks think they are?
    I am unequivocally a product of my birth. As stupid as that sounds on the face of things, my moral bounds and considerations are a product of where and when I was born. Make no mistake, I am so thankful that I was born into America where I am called “free” to make my own values, my own dreams, my own decisions. And yet, here come these wanna-be’s. They would make great shah’s and religious police in Iran, Saudi Arabia, the CAR. I cannot imagine the fear of being held to torture and poverty, watching my family die, because I don’t wear the right color clothing, stand in the right building on the right day at the right time, eat the right foods, think the right way.
    “You are free to agree with me”, “You are free to do what I and those who share my religion tell you to do”, “You are free to worship your God as long as your God is my God” IS NOT FREEDOM !

    It is a very weak and sorry individual who must resort to mob influence to feel strong and right.


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    1. Hello Randy. I think you and Rev Ed Trevors have a lot in common. You both care deeply for others and have a live and let live idea towards people that have different ideas than you do. You both work in your own ways to stop any harm / hurt from happening to others. I agree what these people want is mob rule. And you are correct they want to be the moral police. It makes them feel better and superior. I often wonder why they think forcing people to follow their god and their church doctrines would making their god happy? it is an outward sign only and the people are only doing it because they are forced to do so. Their thoughts had not changed. Their desires / wants have not changed. If you forced me to attend church services regularly I would still be an atheist so it would be a lie and shouldn’t please their god that I still wont believe in the lies. Hugs

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