Reuters: Republican door knockers intimidate voters while hunting for fraud, say officials

From Reuters News:

Republican door knockers intimidate voters while hunting for fraud, say officials

The canvassers in California’s Shasta County in September wore reflective orange vests and official-looking badges that read “Voter Taskforce.” Four residents said they mistook them for government officials.

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7 thoughts on “Reuters: Republican door knockers intimidate voters while hunting for fraud, say officials

    1. Hello Nan. The thing that gets me is that these people claim they are patriots protecting democracy. But what is democracy but every person getting a say in the government and we have that say by our vote. By them stopping others from voting they are stopping the very democracy they claim to love. All because their cult cannot accept that they are not in charge, that not everyone adored their cult leader. They are a minority inside a minority political party but they are growing in power and numbers by threats of violence and attacking those different from them. I have always felt democracy is inclusive and progressive, and what the right wants is regression and dictatorships / authoritarianism. Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. I would love to see it. That is the spirit we need to stand up to these jerks who are destroying democracy in our country. What I want to know is what makes them think they have a right to persons private information even to telling strangers where their adult daughter is? How would they react if someone demanded such information from them? They grant themselves an authority they don’t have, simply because they feel their cult is superior to everyone else. Hugs

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      1. Patience is not my strong suit these days, my friend. It’s lucky for both they and me that no such people have darkened my doorway as yet, for I would not hesitate to teach them not to mess with a grump old woman!

        They know good and well that they have no right to ask for such information, but it is simply all about intimidation, about making an innocent person feel cornered, scared, and too often it works! I’m coming to the point of hating humans! Sigh. Hugs

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          1. Not, not all of them … you know I love my family, friends, and quite often have casual encounters with someone at the market or elsewhere who seem to be really nice people. But … on the whole … it seems that humans are becoming a rather nasty lot. I’ve actually pondered whether in fact there are two sub-species of humans! Not based on skin colour, gender, gender identity, religion, ethnicity, or any of that, but based on … for lack of a better word, ‘conscience’. Some of us, like you, me, and our fellow blogging family, have a conscience and believe in treating all creatures with compassion and kindness, while others seem to believe that all creatures are put on this earth for their own pleasure, even other humans. They want to dominate, while the rest of us simply want to live in peace and harmony with nature.

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