The story of the Earth in 33 minutes

CORRECTIONS: At 3:20 the calcium silicon oxide is labelled “CaSiCO3”. Of course it should be CaSiO3,

At 14:34 – Yes, there was an audible “no” on the soundtrack. This was from part of another track that was supposed to have been wiped. Apologies!

15:20 — Synapsids are not reptiles. Reptiles are diapsids.

18:20 – The first mammals were egg-laying. I should have said they evolved to give birth to live young. And ‘suckling’ implies a nipple, whereas they probably produced milk from pores.

23:12 – The terms Paleogene and Neogene are now universal. The International Commission on Stratigraphy abolished the term “Tertiary” in 2005.

23:16 — I should have said: “It’s likely the only surviving dinosaurs were smaller, feathered species that HAD evolved into birds.”

PLEASE NOTE: This video is explaining science, so please do not write in and claim there’s an “error” because it conflicts with your personal religious or ideological beliefs.

And please don’t post lots of “You forgot to mention….” messages. I didn’t ‘forget’ to mention anything, I decided very deliberately what to include depending on its importance, interest and relevancy.

So yes, I didn’t mention overfolds because although that places certain strata underneath other ones physically, they are still “on top” stratigraphically. And — I know — I didn’t mention reworked fossils, but I did say that finding fossils in chronological and stratigraphic order is a “general principle” and a “rule of thumb.” And I didn’t mention a host of other geological facts because this is not a three-year geology course, it’s a half-hour video. What I DO welcome are errors of scientific fact. If you see one, please let me know and I will add it to this video description.

25:07 – Someone is bound to point out that it’s possible for a person to throw an old phone from the 1900s onto a garbage dump of the 1980s. That would mess up the dating system, right?

No, because this is an analogy about fossils. It’s easy to do this in rubbish tips, but not easy in sedimentary rocks. Creationists have tried it, and their attempts have all been laughable failures.

Fossils can only be properly dated in situ – in other words, if they are found embedded in the rock itself. Just placing a Cambrian fossil on top of a Cretaceous limestone is not going to fool anyone. So nice try, but no.

Does that take care of all the repetitive, erroneous and pedantic posts I’m going to get? Probably not.

SOURCES: I usually put sources in the video description, but since this is just a basic and uncontroversial geology course it is unnecessary. Any basic geology textbook in your local library will have these facts, but if people want to dispute any of the science I will be happy to put a specific reference in the video description. And if they conflict with your personal beliefs or what you have seen in blogs, then see my videos: The Theory of Evolution Made Easy Natural Selection Made Easy The evidence for climate change without computer models or the IPCC Consensus and arguments from authority

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