Voldemort Runs Anti-Trans Ads In Dozens Of States

This man help push a police of separating children from their parents at the Southern border.  He belongs to a party that has cut funding for child healthcare, food assistance programs, school meals, and any assistance program that helps kids.   Now suddenly the focus on trans kids.   They love the culture wars and worrying about the sexual organs / gender expression of other people.     Hugs

Politico reports:

A deluge of radio spots and mailers targeting transgender children is hitting swing-state voters as part of a broad ad campaign directed by prominent Trump administration alums. Polling rarely registers transgender-related issues as a top priority for voters, with other topics like the economy and public safety taking the lead in this midterm cycle.

But America First Legal, launched by longtime Donald Trump aide Stephen Miller, has plastered airwaves and mailboxes with the issue ahead of the election — all without mentioning candidates currently running for office, as both groups are registered nonprofits.

Ads targeting transgender children have spread in at least 25 states across the political spectrum — from Texas to Illinois to Michigan — in the last month.

Read the full article.


Bungee • 4 hours ago

What the fuck. I simply cannot imagine having the time, energy, or other resources to be so vehemently opposed and oppressive toward a demographic that poses absolutely zero threat to oneself. Good grief, dude. Take up knitting or ceramics or something.

April Smith Bungee • 4 hours ago

It takes attention away from real issues.

TnCTampa • 4 hours ago • edited

Anti trans ads are all the rage in the Tampa market from Rubio. He got one he talks about boys wanting to be girls because democrats

Michael • 4 hours ago • edited

Every GOP political policy is based on hate


Too bad the parents are fucking nuts!

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