Republicans pull DISGUSTING stunt after Pelosi home invasion

4 thoughts on “Republicans pull DISGUSTING stunt after Pelosi home invasion

  1. Scottie, I wrote yet another post on some of the pitiful and incendiary remarks made about Paul Pelosi. This time Lt. Governor of NC Mark Robinson is the purveyor of such, yet again. By the way, it is very hard to reconcile these pitiful remarks with that Golden Rule thing. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. That guy is a real jerk. He is venomous against the LGBTQ+. He also has no respect for women, dressing down female state congress members publicly and viciously. And he basically told her to ask his permission before she tried to put in any bills forward. Quite a preacher man isn’t he. But the question is these people know it is a lie. They have to know that. They are trying to sell a lie to the base for election gain. What happened to the noble states man, the lawmaker people admired? Now it is power, profit, and hate. Hugs


  2. Scottie, I watched (read) a portion of this and, of course, I go along with Brian. But the problem as I see it is the individuals who WOULD watch this video (like you) are most likely totally behind what he says (IOW … a Democrat), so his rant will, in the long run and regrettably, accomplish little.

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    1. Hello Nan. Maybe. But two points, the more you share someone’s stuff the more the YouTube algorithm will share the video. Also it gives those on our side who watch it ammo to deal with republican family or other republicans they know. I doubt they can reach a maga with any facts or information, but if they can stump them it is worth it. Hugs

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