OK Donut Shop Firebombed After Hosting Drag Event – JMG

This is a direct result of the attacks on drag queens by republicans and the right wing media.   These are legal venues, this is the action of thugs, vigilantes enforcing the republican talking points via terror and intimidation.   This is a crime.  “Nice business you have here be a shame if something happened to it if you do something we don’t like”.   These maga gang thugs don’t care about the laws, they think what they want is above laws.   They don’t like democracy because the majority doesn’t like their bullshit, so they want to rule as a minority by threats and violence.    Hugs

Tulsa’s ABC affiliate reports:

Tulsa Fire investigators are looking for a person of interest after someone smashed a window at a Brookside donut shop and threw a Molotov cocktail inside. This is the second time the business has been vandalized in the past two weeks.

The owners of The Donut Hole near 31st and Peoria said they were out of town when they got the devastating call that their business had been targeted again.

Investigators said the person first puts a letter with anti-LGBTQ rhetoric on the door of a neighboring business, then uses a bat to smash through the glass door. Once it was broken, the person is seen throwing the explosive device inside.

From the store’s Facebook page after the first attack:

We had the privilege of being able to be a part of the vision of The Queens Dirty Dozen; An art installation donut shop run by drag queens.

The event was an enormous success with over 500 guests attending, and an overwhelming reaction of laughing, jokes, fun and good times were had by all.

Unfortunately, there was also a reaction of hate and we were the victim of somebodies malicious acts. But in ones attempt to rain on our parade, the community answered by showing overwhelming support.

From the GoFundMe that was started by Queens Dirty Dozen, goals were surpassed in less than one hour.

Repairs will be made and all extra proceeds will be given to the Tulsa Equality Center to help spread acceptance, tolerance and love.

These malicious acts have resulted in thousands of dollars going towards the cause this entire event was meant to support. Love wins.

The GoFundMe drive has been restarted

JoeMyGodMod • 18 hours ago

In the video report above, they say the fire department is investigating a “person of interest.” So we’ll likely have his name pretty soon.

Max-1 🔫+cult(R)=☠️ • 18 hours ago

People in power that inspire these attacks being held accountable…
Free speech isn’t consequence free.

Serene Pumpkin JoeMyGod • 18 hours ago • edited

It’ll emerge that his dog sitter’s niece’s godmother’s piano teacher’s boyfriend’s grandfather’s neighbor once displayed a Pride flag, so the fascists will of course proclaim that he is a BLM antifa Commie.

What, me worry? JoeMyGod • 18 hours ago

I’m guessing his social media posts will show him to be a Trumper.

April Smith JoeMyGod • 15 hours ago

I’m very familiar with the area. There are many businesses I’m sure they can check their security cameras as he left the area. Hopefully it will catch him getting into a particular vehicle.

Judas Peckerwood • 18 hours ago • edited

someone smashed a window at a Brookside donut shop and threw a Molotov cocktail inside. This is the second time the business has been vandalized in the past two weeks.

So terrorism is reduced to vandalism when it’s committed by fascists. Got it!

Judas Peckerwood Halou • 18 hours ago

My point here is that our brave, truth-seeking, completely objective and unbiased MSM characterizes serious attacks on our side as “vandalism”, whereas a bunch of people peacefully protesting SCOTUS justices who are dismantling our civil rights are committing “terrorism”.

Paula • 18 hours ago

Drag Queens making and serving donuts. How mortifying. I am so happy that all of OK’s other problems have been solves so they can focus on this.

FootyMax Paula • 16 hours ago

How toxic is one’s masculinity if they’re threatened by drag queen donuts? Seriously, that’s effed up.

Serene Pumpkin • 18 hours ago

“But crime only happens in blue states!”

Judas Peckerwood Serene Pumpkin • 18 hours ago

It’s apparently not a serious crime when progressives are the target — note that the news story states that the business was “vandalized” as opposed to being the target of terrorism.

TAJ Serene Pumpkin • 18 hours ago

NPR and other outlets have had pieces on the “creation of the enemy as Antifa and Radical Left” turns out the actual numbers and origins of incidents don’t point to any left wing folk.. not to any degree at all.. wow, Nov. elections are here and important..

PRW Serene Pumpkin • 16 hours ago

Bear in mind that to them this is no crime.

amandagirl15701 Serene Pumpkin • 12 hours ago

The anti Fetterman ads running in Pennsylvania say crime is running rampant across the state. I have not heard of one piece of legislation from our Republican legislature to combat this, but, apparently it’s Fetterman’s fault.

Oh, Parker Serene Pumpkin • 15 hours ago

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but at the gubernatorial level Oklahoma may be blue this time around. The race is tied and the sheer hatred and assholism of Kevin Stitt has united all kinds of people in opposition, including many Native American tribes. Fingers crossed!

Rebecca Gardner • 18 hours ago

Something to cheer us up.

Douglas Rebecca Gardner • 18 hours ago • edited

That’s a courageous preacher who tells the truth. Good for him. I just sent his church a donation to thank them for his and the congregation’s courage to speak up for rationality, compassion, and the truth. I encourage others to donate, too.

(((GC))) – End the filibuster! Douglas • 17 hours ago

The hypocrisy of using Leviticus for queer-bashing while eating shrimp and catfish and lobster – true!
“We all got to look at ourselves” – true!!
“We all need Jesus” – debatable.

4 thoughts on “OK Donut Shop Firebombed After Hosting Drag Event – JMG

    1. Hello Roger. They will deny it but they know they are responsible. They constantly demonize and lie about a group of people knowing it riles up their base many of whom are violent thugs. It is deliberate. It is the same way late 1930’s Germany made Jews the evil people to be targeted. Then they will claim the violence is due to the democrats being in charge and weak on crime, and their people will buy into it. I am sick of this regressive thug mentality of winning power at any cost. This country was better than that just in the 2000 election when Gore figuring he won had the election stolen from him and he conceded as a gentleman for the good of the country. It is the way our democracy was done, and it is a time far gone thanks to the power hungry republicans. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I certainly agree there Scottie. When you think back to 2000 even though the stakes were so high, there was a comparative ‘Old School’ dignity between the sides. When Obama was coming into office his team was afforded all assistance by the Outgoing Bush team.

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