WI GOP Rep’s Stunt Gets Election Commissioner Fired -JMG

Why is it all the verified election fraud is done by republicans.  I guess this is why they know it is happening, their people are the ones doing it.    Hugs

Milwaukee’s Fox affiliate reports:

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson announced Thursday, Nov. 3 that Milwaukee’s Election Commission deputy director Kimberly Zapata has been fired. This, after he says she fraudulently requested military absentee ballots and sent them to Republican state lawmaker Rep. Janel Brandtjen.

“This has every appearance of being an egregious and blatant violation of trust,” Mayor Johnson said. “I was stunned, absolutely stunned, to hear the very serious allegations against her.”

As a member of the military you don’t have to register or show an ID to vote. The city believes Zapata was trying to prove a loophole in the elections process. Last week, Rep. Janel Brandtjen shared the photo below of military ballots delivered to her home with apparently fake names.

Read the full article. Democrats are calling for criminal charges against Zapata and Brandtjen, the latter of whom appeared here in July when she called for decertifying Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential election result.

crewman • 15 hours ago • edited

If this was a stunt to show fraud could be committed, her stunt needs to stay the course and experience the consequences of that fraud. Not a slap on the wrist or a “Oh this was just a stunt, so no charges.” No, it needs to be felony charges and jail time with penalties at maximum level to show others how the system works, which seems to be what she was after.

cfa crewman • 12 hours ago

They want to demonstrate how “easy” it is to game the system. The ONLY appropriate response is (1) show that safeguards exist and that those who try it will be caught, and (2) show that people who try to game the system will spend serious time behind bars.

Makoto • 15 hours ago

“I was just testing the officers to see if they were properly dealing with drunk drivers, so I downed a fifth of whisky and sped down the highway”

Yeah, if that wouldn’t fly in court, neither should this.

GOPeePee=GrandOld Putin’sParty • 15 hours ago

” I have been attacked by the liberal media, democrats who benefit from the system, and republicans who don’t have the backbone to take on the issues,” -State Rep. Janel Brandtjen (R )

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