House Nominee Wants Rape Victims To Appear Before “Community-Level Review” Board To Beg For Abortion

Via press release from the DCCC:

Republican Bo Hines wants victims of rape and incest to go through “a community-level review process outside the jurisdiction of the federal government” to determine if they can get an abortion.

Hines advocated for this “death panel”-esque review process for women seeking an abortion in an interview with local TV station WRAL.

Hines has long advocated for extreme restrictions on abortion – he told the Raleigh News & Observer that “Abortion should be made illegal throughout the United States. No exceptions.”

In April, Hines called abortion the “greatest moral atrocity” and said it was a “mass genocide that occurred in our country.”

“Bo Hines would make women and girls who have already experienced horrific trauma beg for their right to get an abortion from a panel of complete strangers,” said DCCC spokesperson Monica Robinson.

“Bo Hines has demonstrated a disgusting lack of empathy for women this entire campaign. He doesn’t deserve the power to make health care decisions for us in Congress.”

DCCC: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.


We already have the highest maternal death rate of first world countries.


Health experts see rise in maternal mortality post-Roe…

Max-1 🔫+cult(R)=☠️ • 16 hours ago

Odd, he doesn’t expect the community to decide how he uses his penis…

kaydenpat Max-1 🔫+cult(R)=☠️ • 13 hours ago

Or his guns.

Gustav2 • 16 hours ago • edited

And that ladies and gentlemen is what they call, “Freedom!”

Ščŏŧŧ Ċ – 🇺🇦 🕊 Gustav2 • 16 hours ago

Abortion is a very personal decision, between a woman, her doctor, and a dozen or so strangers from her town.

JackFknTwist • 16 hours ago

How about a new public doctrine regarding abortions and all matters to do with sex, health and reproductive functions and decisions:
New Rule: Mind your own fucking business.

Chris Baker • 16 hours ago

Let’s have men appear before a community board and explain why they need Viagra. And they must show up with their wife and inquire as to if she is still fertile or not, because only married men should be having sex, and only for procreative purposes. They should also have to do a demonstration that they actually can’t get it up, to ensure that the medicine is for them and not for someone else.

Imagine a rape/incest victim having to tell total strangers what happened, and them questioning her. I wonder if this guy has a daughter and would present her before a committee where they question her about her rape and sexual history. No, he would send her off to her ‘aunt’s house” in NY or CA.

TallyDink Chris Baker • 16 hours ago

“I stand before this committee, requesting community approval of boner pills because….my wife got my massively jacked up pickup truck in the divorce & due to some unfortunate private discourse, I’m not eligible to own guns. So, with no other available penis extenders, I really need my boner pills. I need ’em right away, we got us a big family reunion coming up, if ya know what I mean.”

7 thoughts on “House Nominee Wants Rape Victims To Appear Before “Community-Level Review” Board To Beg For Abortion

    1. Hello Roger. I agree however these creatures are the largest growing the part of the republican party. It is scary to me the most extreme people are gaining acceptance in the republican party while the old-style republicans are getting out of politics. Hugs

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      1. Here’s a comment I just posted to someone on one of Jill’s posts on the question of voting (part of an ongoing exchange in which we agree)…..
        “I’ve just been listening to one of the BBC correspondents in the USA running a feature on the Mid-Terms. He was with a Republican Candidate ‘out on the doorstep’ in ‘Penn’.
        An interesting sub-text to a person who publicly (note that word) supported Trump; he made reference to accepting results and ‘moving on’, repeating that when 2020 was raised, he encountered Republican voters who did not like Trump, he encountered ones who were lukewarm (and a democrat who gave him the angry brush off and door slam).
        Trump and MAGA have divided the USA to a frightening degree.
        There maybe though, a very slim hope that bridges can be built again. In this role Democrats might have to be astute in how they interact with Republicans, to respect them while undermining the toxic group who use Trump and MAGA.
        Slim hopes, slim hopes.
        But better than the alternatives.
        Still vote Democrat though. “

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    1. Hello Nan. Wouldn’t you like to see this guy’s reaction to someone pushing a law that men have to go before a community level review board of women pleading to get Viagra. Boy how would they like to give that testimony to complete strangers about how their equipment doesn’t work. Maybe then he would understand how embarrassing and stupid his suggestion is. But I doubt he would see the point. Hugs

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