CNN reporter asks election denier if he’s fit to serve as election precinct judge. Hear his answer

CNN’s Ed Lavandera visits Gillespie County, Texas, where he speaks with a 2020 election denier who is now an election precinct judge and other county officials that have been affected by the spread of misinformation.

6 thoughts on “CNN reporter asks election denier if he’s fit to serve as election precinct judge. Hear his answer

    1. Yeah, it is scary. Seems as if the UN would send in inspectors for this one. I remember former pres. Jimmy Carter was a UN election observer for several years. I’ve read about that, and it seems to me that the US is there.

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      1. Hello Ali. Sadly the US is no longer ranked a democracy. In most rankings we are only 26th in a list of nearly democracies or troubled democracies. Yes in other countries that had what we did during and after the 2020 election the US would want to have election observers. Imagine the US that used to be the one to certify other troubled countries elections, now we have fallen so far that other countries feel they need to watch and check our elections to make sure they are valid. Hugs

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    2. Hello Nan. Yes it is. It is a good thing so many election deniers lost. Otherwise it could be like that northwestern county that refused to certify the election because the democrat candidate won. Even after a judge ordered them too some members of the board refused to do so. In their world only republicans can win elections. If an election watcher / the person in charge starts from the position that it is all rigged unless republicans win, they will be looking for ways to make the republicans win. I am hoping that these failures of the stop the steal people will cause them to be filtered out of the political ranks. Hugs


      1. I’m not sure that tRumpsky was the instigator of this … it’s probably been around for some time and he just gave people the “authority,” but anyway …

        As you are aware, Oregon passed a gun law. Barely. There are many redneck counties that were TOTALLY against it … and now the sheriffs in three of those counties say they will NOT enforce it. In my book, laws (and/or ordinances) are written and put into effect for a reason and the people assigned to enforce them don’t get to CHOOSE whether they will or not. But … Trump.


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