Transgender woman in Honduras shot dead after seeking asylum in U.S.

The CBP has gotten over run with trump supporting maga racist bigots and their social media shows this.   They actively disobey the current president and the director of National Security, refusing to follow current policies and even challenging them in court.   Plus ICE which is a rather new department created after 9/11 has started acting rouge and again has an attitude they don’t have to follow the orders of the current administration preferring the zero brown people in the US policies of the republicans and maga trump.  

People need to realize four things.   This is a huge country with a declining population in many rural areas.   There are small towns dying all across the middle / west of the country.   Those places that have welcomed immigrants have seen a resurgence of growth in their town and area.   We need immigrants in this country and people willing to work that hard as to walk all the way to the southern border are people willing to work hard.  We need them. 

Second thing I want you to realize is the polices being enforced are completely based on race and racist.   The brown people are being turned back without even hearings, they are unwanted brown people who will in the future help change the demographics of the country hastening when the white majority becomes a minority.   That terrifies some white people, they are fighting to maintain their assumed rule over everyone else, their assumed automatic authority.   While the brown people at the southern border are being pushed back, and those in the country rounded up to be deported, there is a energetic push to bring in “white” immigrants to live here and having more children.   Especially white Christian immigrants who get special dispensations and waivers to the rules.  Christian groups fighting the brown people and the LGBTQ+ from entering at the southern border saying the country is full are trying hard to bring in more white people who they figure will be racist bigots like them.   The problem they are having is the only people wanting to come here from Europe are from the impoverished states of eastern Europe and those are not always really “white” and will still bigoted are not always Christian.   That is why the current conservative racist bigots are in love with Viktor Orbán prime minister of Hungary who is super racist and bigoted against LGBTQ+.

Third thing people need to realize is these are asylum seekers.  The left where they were and came here because they were afraid they would be tortured and killed if they did not flee.   Or their kids would be.  The parents are often given a choice of their little kids working for the drug gangs or being killed.  What would you do?  What do you think LGBTQ+ people will have to do if DeathSantis takes over, we will have to go to another country and ask for asylum.  What if that country then deported us as soon as they heard why we were trying to enter and informed the Proud Boys gang where we were going to be sent and when.   

Fourth thing I want to point out is that along with being asshole racist the majority of the CBP and ICE are hateful bigots against the LGBTQ+.  Gay people and trans people are not even given hearings by most of these people they are simply ejected from the country.  At time the ICE / border patrol has taken the extra step of telling the gangs that are threatening these people what flights or buses they are coming back on so they are met as soon as they get there by a horrible fate.   Think if DeathSantis ran the border and was in charge of deportations, what would he make sure happened to the LGBTQ+ immigrants.   And in order to get asylum the person asking must explain why including what gang is trying to harm them or their children so they must declare they or their kids are LGBTQ+.   They cannot just try to hide it, and they should not have to hide it being LGBTQ+.  It is not something to be ashamed of, it is not a disease to be cured.  Hugs

Trans activist Melissa Nuñez was shot and killed in Honduras
Melissa Nunez Photo: Screenshot

A transgender activist who was deported back to Honduras in July after seeking asylum in the U.S. was shot dead by gunmen there on October 18.

Melissa Nuñez, 42, was killed in Morocelí, 40 miles east of the capital Tegucigalpa, by unidentified gunmen on a motorcycle, local media reported. According to nonprofit Reportar Sin Miedo, Nuñez was leaving home when she was fatally shot by “hooded individuals”.

Police said Nuñez had dropped friends off and was leaving their house talking on a cellphone when she was gunned down, according to the Associated Press. “The motive behind the crime is thought to be a personal issue with her enemies,” police spokesman Miguel Carranza said. Nuñez’ sister, Glenda de Jesús Nuñez, said Nuñez had lived in the US for about 25 years before visiting family in Honduras.

Indyra Mendoza, general coordinator of Cattrachas, a Tegucigalpa-based lesbian feminist organization, said Nuñez had traveled home to Honduras in December of 2021, but tried to return to the U.S. in July, when she was denied entry. She was living in Miami at the time, after many years in New York. Mendoza told the Washington Blade that Nuñez had sought asylum in the U.S. but did not know on what grounds.

An initial investigation indicated that Nuñez was killed by two shots to the head, Mendoza told Reportar Sin Miedo.

According to Cattrachas, Nuñez is the 34th LGBTQ individual killed in Honduras this year. “They continue to kill us, they continue to violate our rights,” said Danny Reyes, who is with the LGBTQ advocacy organization Rainbow Movement. “We demand that the Honduran government do its best to start ensuring social justice.”

“The violence in Honduras continues to increase,” said Merlin Eguigure, coordinator of the Visitación Padilla Women for Peace Movement. “The government should declare a state of emergency on this issue.”

Friends and trans advocates gathered in Queens last month at a candlelight vigil organized by Make the Road New York. The Corona Plaza gathering in Queens featured pictures of Nuñez and signs with messages including “#NotOneMore! Stop killing us!”, “#JusticeforMelissa” and “No transwomen safe in Central America.”

Nuñez “fought for trans communities to be able to walk in public without being harassed by the police, to decriminalize sex work, to create more protections for all immigrant communities,” said Make the Road New York in a statement. “Let us transform this anger… into action so that the incarceration and deportation of our trans sisters ends now.”

2 thoughts on “Transgender woman in Honduras shot dead after seeking asylum in U.S.

  1. This is upsetting, and I’m sorry it happened. I write letters with Amnesty International in regard to human rights of LGBTQ+ around the world, though most aren’t dead yet, but I never heard about Melissa Nunez until now, after she died.
    It’s still violence against women, no matter whether someone accepts her as a woman, or not. They killed yet another woman.

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    1. Hello Ali. You never cease to amaze me with your compassion and your activism. Thank you. I wish there were more people like you in our world. Yes it was violence against a woman. The US is responsible for destabilizing Honduras. We need to start fixing what we broke. Hugs


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