Flynn Organizes “Black Robe Regiment” Of Extremist Pastors With Goal Of Imposing Christian Nationalism

Vice News reports:

“You cannot preach the Bible without the United States Constitution. Period,” Michael Flynn announced to a crowded hall on stage of the QAnon-infused evangelical “ReAwaken America” July tour stop in Virginia Beach. Thousands were in attendance, and Flynn’s speech was full of fire and brimstone, espousing a Christian nationalist ideology about how the church should be at the heart of all aspects of American society.

During Flynn’s speech, dozens of pastors stood right behind him; in total, 150 pastors had just signed a pledge to become part of the regiment. Flynn’s group was founded by Virginia pastor William Cook. This new iteration of the group wants pastors to preach the gospel of Trump, actively spread conspiracies about COVID vaccines and stolen elections. Many of the pastors aligned with the movement were involved in the Capitol riot.

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What, me worry? • 3 hours ago

These are the people who scare the crap out of me. They really believe that they are right.

Karl Dubhe IV What, me worry? • 3 hours ago

They’ve got their God on their side. 😦

Ščŏŧŧ Ċ – 🇺🇦 🕊 Karl Dubhe IV • 3 hours ago

And there’s no depth too low, when your imaginary sky-daddy is on your side.

stretchdad What, me worry? • 2 hours ago

And they will turn the United States into Gilead if given half a chance.

TennesseeEscapee Nic Peterson • 3 hours ago

Power, naked power over others. Ideally, the power to put others to death. That is the symbolism of the axe blade surrounding the rods – the Etruscan fasces.

TexasBoy • 3 hours ago • edited

“You cannot preach the Bible without the United States Constitution. Period,”

Except maybe in England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Nigeria, Liberia, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, Austrailia, Hungary, Slovakia, and about 200 other countries. Just Sayin’

Yves R. Mektin TexasBoy • 3 hours ago

These people are the first ones to try to overthrow the Constitution and now they’re just using the word “Constitution”, because they obviously don’t know what’s in it or what it means, the same as they call themselves Christians but they don’t seem to have ever read the Gospels, just enough parts of the book of Revelations and Leviticus to make them violently deranged,

AyJayDee TexasBoy • 2 hours ago • edited

They neither know nor care about the experiences of other countries. They think God has singled out America for his love and can’t imagine being a country that is actually run well and provides a decent life for its citizens.

What, me worry? • 3 hours ago

There are two mentions of religion in the Constitution. One is in the body of the Constitution and states that there will be no religious test to run for or hold office. The other is in the first amendment and states that congress shall make no law respecting a religion. Anyone who says that the constitution is based on the buybull has read and understood neither.

JackFknTwist • 3 hours ago

” Fighting things we can’t see.”

You’ve been doing that since the witchcraft craze of the 13th century.

KarenAtFOH Grimes • 3 hours ago

Took wife to our local polling place here in Lee County FL only to find it closed and locked up tight. We were forced to go to a local veteran’s park and stand in a long line at 8am. Pissed me off no end.

2 thoughts on “Flynn Organizes “Black Robe Regiment” Of Extremist Pastors With Goal Of Imposing Christian Nationalism

  1. Just awful, and indeed scary. I did get an evil giggle from recalling a few years back when we learned that long beards contain excrement from food particles decomposing within. Other than that, these people should be picked up, too-even if what we see and hear doesn’t stick, it’ll slow the activity down some while they figure out other ways to go about their murderous, treasonous plans.


  2. So, until the U. S. Constitution was ratified, the bible was an illegitimate document? Huh?

    That is a pitiful effort to claim we are a Christian nation.


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