Standing against Christian Oppression

Back after 9/11 I used to hear people demand that “good” Muslims stand up to the terrorist “bad” Muslims.   Politicians said it, Christian religious leaders said it, until it became part of the way to slam all Muslims by claiming that no other Muslims would stand up to the Muslims causing havoc and death in the world.  As is mentioned in the video when Westboro Babtist got pushing their hate message it was non religious groups that took to fighting them, most notably bikers who used their bikes and bodies to block both the sight of the Westboro Babtist people, their hate filled signs, and their screeds shouted through bullhorns.   As hate preachers got more numerous and louder with more press coverage I asked that question of Christians they demanded from Muslims, where are the good Christians to fight or counter these hate mongers calling for my death.   For a long time not one Christain answered my request or answered my call for them to stand between me and their hateful breather.   But in the last two years I have seen them come forward, these good Christians.  This year on my blog here we have seen a few grand people of faith who have pushed back hard on the bigotry and hate of the bad Christians.  Over the last year and especially over the last 6 months I have seen, read, and posted of Christians going to school board meetings to argue against their bigoted fellow Christians, putting themselves in front of those trying to harm gay and trans kids.   I can see that the LGBTQ+ does have allies in some churches and among those who feel their god is a god of love, understanding, and forgiveness.  Those whose faith doesn’t require them to monitor the genitals and consensual sexual relationships of adults are become more vocal in trying to make other Christians see their religion shouldn’t be used to hurt and harm others, but to uplift and care for others.   

I am listening to this short video for the third time.   I am amazed how simply honest Rev Trevors is being, how sincere, and I respect him and his faith more for what he is doing, what he says here.   I just hope other Christians will stand up to those who want to hijack their faith to make it a religion of hate, their holy book a weapon, and attacking those who are different as the mission given them from their god.    Hugs

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