Dick pain for rapists

While I like this idea, I really am in favor of rapists getting their dicks hurt.  But I worry what will happen to a woman after the rapist feels this thing dig into his dick.   Rape is not all sexual and a lust to orgasm, it is also about power and control over another person.  Trust me I learned this the hardest way.   So imagine the reaction of the man who already cares so little for the other person that they want to and are willing to rape them, gets these imbedded in his penis causing pain, he is going to lash out in rage.   He is going to hurt the victim even more, maybe even kill them.   Yes the rage of the rapist is something the rape victim must be prepared to face in this.   Especially in a country where men feel entitled to control women, where men feel entitled to sexual satisfaction even if it comes from raping someone.    I wonder where to get these.   Hugs

One thought on “Dick pain for rapists

  1. Yeah, I don’t know, either. I think the likely additional battery, as you mention. is a bigger risk than I’d want to take. And imagine having to put that in every time you leave the house. I’m not certain this will take off, but I could be wrong! At least someone is trying to think about helping, though I’d say lets put that money into teaching people to not rape people. My .02.


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