MAGA author who complained about kids seeing drag queens says kids should be taken to Hooters

To be very clear if this article doesn’t make it clear to you, the right is not interested in “protecting” children, they don’t really think that talking about LGBTQ+ sexualizes children, they don’t mind sexualizing children, but they are demanding to indoctrinate the kids, all kids, into believing that only heterosexual orientation / sexuality exists and teaching hating the gays / trans.  That is what this entire “don’t say gay” thing is about!  About spreading hate and making kids think that only heterosexual ways exist, that only opposite sex marriage is real, only way to date is boy / girl, that all families must be mommy / daddy.  it is total indoctrination to make the 1950s come alive again.    Plus they want to stoke hatred against the gay and trans people including kids at school.   They want the bullying and they want the gay / trans kids picked on and made to be scared and in fear for being who they are.    But as this guy who is big in the anti-LGBTQ+ movement says, it is great to take kids to Hooters to see what he calls the great view, in other words to see big breasts / titties.   He wants to have boys reading sex magazines showing nude women.  He seems to think that people have a choice about their sexual attraction / orientation and wants to make sure all the kids choose straight which he thinks is the correct choice.   WTF!  Do you see how this entire protect the kids / don’t sexualize kids and let them be children, is a cover for what they really want, they hate gays and want them punished and erased from society.   That is the point over don’t let teachers talk about or defend kids from same sex families and forbidding pride stickers / flags and removing all LGBTQ+ materials from libraries.  It is about the idea that if kids don’t see or hear that being gay is normal and same sex families are normal then the kids will be straight or pretend to be so they can fit in and have families.   Plus for some reason this guy thinks all straight people are republicans and all gay people are democrats.   Hugs

Nick Adams
Nick Adams Photo: Screenshot

MAGA author Nick Adams – who was complaining about drag queens and teachers discussing LGBTQ people earlier this year as part of the larger groomer panic – is now advocating parents take minor children to Hooters.

“If more members of Gen Z had been brought to Hooters as children, I can GUARANTEE we would have had a red wave last night,” Adams – né Nicholas Adamopoulos – tweeted earlier this week about the restaurant chain known for its young female waitresses who don’t wear much clothing.

Adams is the Australian author of several volumes of far-right pulp including The Most DANGEROUS President in History (about President Joe Biden), Trump and Churchill: Defenders of Western Civilization, and Retaking America: Crushing Political Correctness. He claims to be Donald Trump’s favorite author.

He calls himself an “alpha male” in his Twitter handle and his account is often mistaken for a parody of the far right, but his fans know that he’s on their side.

Yesterday’s was only one of many of his tweets advocating taking minors to Hooters.

“I am sick and tired of beta males and feminists trying to guilt alpha males out of eating at Hooters,” he wrote earlier this week. “There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with eating at Hooters on a weekly basis, EVEN with the family and kids.”

“99% of the people who pass judgment about Hooters and parents who take their children to Hooters have never actually been to a Hooters,” he wrote yesterday.

“People who demonize parents who take their kids to Hooters are pathetic,” he also tweeted yesterday. “I feel sorry for their children.”

Adams really loves Hooters and it appears to be more of a lifestyle choice for him than a restaurant with chicken wings. In a video this week, he called it a “family restaurant”

“Hooters is fantastic,” he shouted at his camera, wearing an untucked short-sleeve shirt while standing in front of a framed picture of himself. “The view is good, the food is good, the drinks are good.”

“Alpha males have a history replete with visits to Hooters,” he claimed. Hooters opened in 1983. “If you haven’t been to Hooters, it makes it all that bit more difficult for you to claim alpha male status.”

While Adams advocates taking children to the sexually-charged environment at Hooters, he doesn’t think that teachers should be mentioning LGBTQ people to students in school, lest kids learn that there are different kinds of families. In April – at the height of groomer panic where conservatives were complaining about books like And Tango Makes Three (about a penguin with two penguin-dads) being available in schools – Adams decried kindergarten teachers who he claimed wanted to “discuss sexuality” in school and called them child molesters.

“Any adult that needs to discuss sexuality with a kindergartner is a predator, not a teacher,” he wrote.

In July, he said that only a “bad parent” would allow their kids to see a drag queen.

That same month, he appeared to advocate giving pornography to underage boys, even though federal law prohibits the distribution of pornography to minors.

Trans YouTuber Natalie Wynn pithily summed up Adams’ latest tweets: “Heterosexuals openly admit they have to groom children to perpetuate their lifestyle.”


2 thoughts on “MAGA author who complained about kids seeing drag queens says kids should be taken to Hooters

  1. If I read this though correctly, this guy comes off as being a beta groomer giving his introductory course on sex as he would like it. He diffidently doesn’t strike me as one who has any ability to attract women on the basis of how he comes off. I have the feeling that he would be more than willing to take young boys out just to later “help” them in the restroom.

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  2. What Dark Natalie says, up above. I’ve come up with a number of comments, but she is succinct.

    Other than that, while I’ve not been to Hooters (saturated fat and sodium are the primary reasons!), my kid went, as part of a birthday party for his best friend, the year they turned 11. His best friend’s mom is a middle school teacher, and I had full confidence that it’d be fine if she was up for it, and she did it. The kid said their chicken strips were poor. That’s all I know about Hooters.
    I’d guess that drag queens at a library serve more healthful snacks!


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