Gab CEO: Unmarried Women Are A Civilizational Threat

Yet the maga gang thugs using terroristic threats and violence to keep men in wigs from reading to kids is not a problem at all to these people.   If you want to read some wild stuff, follow the links to read what is on Gab.   Hugs

Posted to Telegram by Gab CEO Andrew Torba:

Democracy is when unmarried childless whores of Babylon select your leaders so they can continue to slaughter their children. Unmarried women are a civilizational threat.

Conservatives love this line about how women “civilize” men. The reality is the exact opposite. A supermajority of unmarried women would kill a child in the womb without a second thought.

Just let that marinate for a moment. Dems are the party of Moloch worshippers. Their religious services include baby murder and baptism by clot shot.

ChipSF • 2 hours ago • edited

I’m a gay dude and I’ve probably slept with more women than this piece of shit. HA HA HA!! Let that marinate.

BeccaM • 2 hours ago

Yes. A rank misogynist. Or, as we termed them in my day, a typical male chauvinist pig.

We’ve been dealing with these motherfuckers since the invention of agriculture.

Friday BeccaM • 2 hours ago

This goes beyond chauvanism to demanding total subhuman subjugation.

HZ81 • 2 hours ago

Gee, why aren’t women flocking towards conservative “men” like this clown? Total mystery. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Lizard • 2 hours ago

The funniest part of this is that he thinks married women don’t get abortions.

Trump/KFC Jr. 2024 • 2 hours ago

GOP platform: FREEDOM means forced pregnancy and forced marriage!

LeeCMH Trump/KFC Jr. 2024 • 2 hours ago

Freedom to treat women as property.

One thought on “Gab CEO: Unmarried Women Are A Civilizational Threat

  1. Scottie, these folks may want to read “Half the sky” by Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn. Countries that treat women like chattel are competing in a world with only half its talent. It is nnot only wrong to treat women as second class citizens, it is economically a horrible decision. To remember this title, it is based on a Chinese proverb that “women hold up half the sky.” Keith

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