TX Bill Could Effectively Ban All Shows Featuring Drag – JMG

This is an end run to enforcing anti-trans ideology.   Think on it, first banning cross dressing in a business as sex, then doing it for any place in public.  How is that different from the Taliban forcing women to wear a set type of clothing.  Will the Texas moral police then arrest women who are wearing pants.   This shit has to stop.  How is this not against the much cried about “freedom”?   Also since when is cross dressing a sex act?   Really if I wear a skirt / dress I am now having sex and so it should be done only in private?   What will they try to classify as sex next?   I was going to add a list of actors that performed in drag on TV or in movies but after googling it the lists got so long it would take the entire post.   It is endless from serious performers, to comedians, including famous stars from the past to big stars of today.   Google it yourself.  As this post says what about Broadway shows?  This is about pushing a religious moral standard from 2,500 years ago where the prohibitions against wearing the other sex clothing was implemented due to women being basically property at the time.   The culture has changed endless time since then.  Think on it, we don’t wear the same clothing they did then do we?  We wear mixed fabrics now don’t we, even the fundie religious do.    But these hyper right wing conservatives want to return to a time when they were more comfortable because everyone was just like them or so they thought.     Hugs.                 

NBC News reports:

A filed Monday would classify any business that decides to host a drag show under the state’s statutory definition of “sexually oriented businesses.” The bill, sponsored by Republican state Rep. Jared Patterson, defines a drag performer as anyone who “exhibits a gender identity that is different than the performer’s gender assigned at birth “by using “clothing, makeup, or other physical markers” and “sings, lip syncs, dances, or otherwise performs” in front of an audience.

The current definition of “sexually oriented businesses” includes any venue where two or more people perform nude and alcohol is served. Those businesses are bound by special limitations, including a misdemeanor charge on par with vehicle burglary for the business owner if anyone under age 18 is let in. Patrons must be charged entrance fees of at least $5 at such venues, according to Texas statutes.

Read the full article.


Cel K Elmquist • an hour ago

Russia today…any gay public display of any kind is banned! From holding hands to trans people to pride flags, gay businesses…everything! Gay people are now essentially invisible again in Russia.

SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • an hour ago

Women wearing pants? Lock her up!

Karl Dubhe IV SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • an hour ago

Eventually, yes. There used to be dress codes that had such penalties.

Tulle • an hour ago

“exhibits a gender identity that is different than the performer’s gender assigned at birth “by using “clothing, makeup, or other physical markers”

This is legally vague not sure how it can be enforced. To take on the law I would start with a female gospel singer wearing pants

Jamieboy Highballs • an hour ago

and they let youth pastors keep on molesting.

K Elmquist Jamieboy Highballs • an hour ago

It’s a religious tradition.

SmartAlec Jamieboy Highballs • an hour ago

As long as they’re wearing men’s clothing and no makeup it’s ok.

Rex • an hour ago

They are scared to death of us, aren’t they?

KarenAtFOH Rex • an hour ago

Also scared of their base, who want us dead.

unsavedheathen Rex • an hour ago

I don’t think they’re scared of us. But they want our neighbors to be scared of us because it distracts them from the hand picking their pocket.

AyJayDee Rex • an hour ago

No, they just hate us

SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • an hour ago

Bye bye!


Ganon SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • an hour ago

Then they’ll slap the legislation with a religious freedom clause…

johnnybc • an hour ago • edited

Well, Milton Berle, Marlene Deitrich, Cabaret, Some Like it Hot… all arrestable offences.
2 days forward, 70 years back

J.Martindale • an hour ago

I haven’t been to a drag show in 40 years. They are almost a rarity around here now that so many gay bars have closed. You have to search them out. But Abbott and his crew need a culture war to start since they have no way to improve the lives of Americans, and no way to stay in power other than by inciting division, fear and prejudice.

Stogiebear • an hour ago

Time for churches to bring back mediaeval mystery plays.

TexasBoy • an hour ago • edited

So….no theater can show any movie like Victor/Victoria, Tootsie, Hairspray, or even the classic Some Like It Hot.

How about TV stations? Can they show White Christmas, or do they have to cut the Sisters song?

How about streaming sites like HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus?

And never mind some of the trans porn out there, is the State of Texas goiing to employ people to watch all the porn sites?

clay Tulle • an hour ago

I bet someone will try to enforce earrings as “other physical markers”.

They can’t tell the difference between sex and gender, between sexual orientation and sexual behavior, because they don’t want to.

Karl Dubhe IV Tulle • an hour ago

All the world’s a stage, we are all merely players.

Call the police on everyone who isn’t totally gender conforming. That man has long hair, lock him up! That woman isn’t wearing makeup, lock her up! That child is/isn;’t playing with a doll, lock them up111111

Cel • an hour ago

What’s the next target, trans people walking down the street? This is sickening, these Christians are evil, pure evil!

Dan M TnCTampa • an hour ago

10 years ago the federal courts would not allow this. But now…….?

Harveyrabbit 🐱 • an hour ago

What about old TV shows like Flip Wilson with his drag Character? Milton Berle had some. MASH and Cpl Klinger? Lots of them. Also Rudy.


Cel • an hour ago

Who’s next young men with long hair? It’s back in style.

Dave B Cel • an hour ago

Of course Republicans would legislate how people could dress or wear their hair.

Cel • an hour ago

What about all the TV talking heads who wear makeup…Cucker Carlson and Hannity and MARK LEVINE!!! YUCK!

Hunter M • an hour ago

I’m so glad to hear that Texas has solved all of its other problems so that it can concentrate on the things that matter.

4 thoughts on “TX Bill Could Effectively Ban All Shows Featuring Drag – JMG

    1. Hello Ned. Wow, I just looked it up. Back in 1959 they were the rage in Some Like It Hot. That was wholesome entertainment those men dressed as women. I wonder how it got changed from something funny and on TV right up into the 70’s and 80’s including Bugs Bunny who often cross dressed and kiss guys while acting like a woman, to something that was evil or a sexual depraved orgies complete with kids. Oh how regressive and restrictive the republicans have become. I keep saying they want to go back to 1950s, they may have to go even further back to get their hyper religious wishes. Hugs

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  1. Hello all. This is from a write up on some like it hot and Tony Curtis / Jack Lemmon dressing up and acting like women. Hugs


    When Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon first put on the female makeup and costumes for Some Like It Hot, they walked around the Goldwyn Studios lot to see if they could “pass” as women. Then they tried using mirrors in public ladies rooms to fix their makeup, and when none of the women using it complained, they knew they could be convincing as women. There is a scene on the train recreating this moment.


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