Science Proves There are More than Two Human Sexes

As everyone knows I love science and learning.  I also really enjoy watching this YouTube channel.    I should have posted this before.   It is very informative and it is broken into segments you can use the timeline bar at the bottom to find the segments you most want to learn about.    Hugs

6 thoughts on “Science Proves There are More than Two Human Sexes

    1. Hello Ali. Well not everyone understands or has been misinformed by the science denying right wing. So I have to keep repeating the truth. I find it sad that some people can accept new technology for their phone or computer but deny the advances in biological understanding. Hugs

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  1. The structure for DNA was postulated in 1953 a year post my birth. I first read about it in 1971 for a molecular biology class. It is complex to say the least. That culture and society haven’t caught up yet is no surprise. Louisianans have decided to pause outlawing slavery until all the pros and cons can be evaluated. We will make, my man, but we personally are unlikely to enter that promised land.

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    1. Hello ryinger77. Are you saying that some states are a bit backward and behind the times? 😀😁.
      What I don’t understand is the people who claim that they accept medical science / medical advancements, yet then refuse to accept what the majority of medical organizations recommend for best practices. It is like accepting GPS / navigation services and the space station yet claiming the earth is flat. I just don’t understand that mindset. I guess it is like the Dunning-Kruger effect on steroids. Hugs

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      1. I have zero experience outside of Ohio. Yeah some states are a bit behind and thanks to Dunning-Kruger I am definitely in one , lol.
        Science has only itself to blame. People LOVE their magic. Sterilize a good story and be surprised it dies.

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