Dear Mama – Read by Ian McKellen

I have Skype, and I like Skype.  My Skype name is Scottiestoybox.  If you send me a friend request please let me know who you are if possible, and that you are a Scotties Playtime view as I get a lot of fake sex scam bots.   I just delete them.  But during the week my wonderful brother Randy sends me stuff I have missed during the week.    I love posting them here.   If you are on Skype and want to send me something let me know.   Randy sent me this and it is so grand.   Ian McKellen is a legend and so impressive, and the letter he reads is so spot on.   I wish the haters, the bigots, could understand this.   Sad that the republicans powered by the right is trying to return the country to the open bigotry of the 1970s.  Thank you, my brother Randy, for sending me another uplifting and wonderful video.    Hugs

7 thoughts on “Dear Mama – Read by Ian McKellen

    1. Hello Jill. Thank you, Jill. These series of books were written from 1978 to 2014 about life for the LGBTQ in 1970s San Francisco. The fact that we are returning to those times again is scary and shows the power of a hateful minority in the US. But there are families, mothers and fathers now in the US that believe the things this son was writing to his mother about back then. With all the gains in acceptance that the LGBTQ+ have gained is being eroded by hate preachers and maga cult members believing lies and misinformation. Hugs

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      1. You’re so right, Scottie. We ARE stepping backward in LGBTQ rights, but also in all forms of civil rights — women’s rights, Black rights, etc. I was horrified last night when I heard about the shooting at the LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado. WTF???? I’m so fed up with it all. Why can’t we all just live and let live? Sigh. Hugs

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        1. Hello Jill. You are correct. I just posted that the Libs of TikTok are bragging and taking great joy in causing the hate against drag shows, trans kids, and inspiring violence against gay people. Remember this is the same group that did an interview with school officials pushing that gay kids shouldn’t be in classrooms with what they called normal kids. The anti-trans group LGB sent out condolences to everyone harmed except the trans people killed. And doubled down on it when called out. The right is proud that they have managed to strike fear into a legal segment of the population in an attempt to erase them from society. The same way they did when they terrorized black people in the past trying to live in society as who they were and have the same equality / rights as the white others.

          Yes Jill I wish these people could let others live their lives. Gay and trans people spend more time rent free in their minds than can be expressed. Some people claim there is too much talk of gender in the news and on blogs, that it is overhyped. But they fail to understand it is the right causing this spike in the conversation with their attempts to exclude and to demonize the LGBTQI+ and any of their supporters like positive teachers helping LGBTQI+ kids be safe. The ones defending the attacked are not driving these conversations, they are standing up against the flood of hate and misinformation. Hugs

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          1. I am rapidly losing hope for humanity, my friend. It seems that the human species is determined to extinct itself … and perhaps they should. If we cannot learn to live together on this planet, to work together toward common goals, then we are doomed. Hugs

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    1. Hello Ali. It sure was. Any time a child has to ask for the love of his parents and explain that the child is not as bad / horrible as the parent mistakenly thinks it brings tears and pulls the heart strings. What really scares me is that in 2022 we still have parents who would reject their own children if they found out they are gay or trans. These parents pick their hate ideology over their child, and that stuns me. We as a society had moved away from that hate / bigotry. But we are seeing the anti-gay / anti-trans bigotry surging with the demonizing of anything positive or supportive of the LGBTQ+. Look at Florida, in just a year kids in Florida schools went from being accepted for who they were and allowed to be themselves in school to being afraid of being found out and terrified of being attacked or their teachers outing them to their parents. School shouldn’t be a place of fear, how do you learn if you are scared? But I posted this morning that here in Florida the bigoted kids of maga parents feel embolden to attack the out or perceived gay / trans students and the teachers are being turned in if they try to help the gay kids. This is a drastic change in just one year pushed by a minority party by the minority members of that party. Florida has become a maga cult haven, the most bigoted racist members are moving here. It is fast becoming a miserable place for minorities of any kind. The white cis straight maga conservative crowd is glorifying in their new power to enforce their views on the public / society. I worry about the US society country wide as the republicans try to do this in every red state. Hugs

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