Crowder Claims Gov’t Will Take Kids From Anti-Drag Show Parents Soon

Crowder loves to dress in drag and seems to have severe daddy issues.   But here in this clip he keeps trying to push that the purpose of drag shows and puberty blockers is to pull kids away from their parents, indoctrinating them against parents rights somehow.   But as Sam points out, who is taking the kids to these shows, it is the parents.   Who takes the kids to the doctor, pays the doctor, agrees to the treatment of puberty blockers, it is the parents.   This is not about stopping parents’ rights, unless you count the right of right wing parents to dictate to other people what the other parents’ kids can do.   It is about the right of one religious or hyper conservative group of parents demanding the right to remove the right other parents to raise their children in accepting and tolerant ways.   It is about the right wing demanding to indoctrinate kids into hating those not cis gender and straight.    Hugs

Steven Crowder discusses the fact that this week is Trans Awareness Week, and expresses concern that the trans community is hoping to indoctrinate young children via drag shows. Crowder speculates that in about 5 years there could be a world where parents’ children will be taken from them by authorities if they don’t allow their children to go to drag shows.

3 thoughts on “Crowder Claims Gov’t Will Take Kids From Anti-Drag Show Parents Soon

  1. Seems as if they’d know, by now, that drag and trans are not at all related (drag being a method of performance for artists.) I mean, they certainly know all the names of all the guns, seems as if they’d know about the other things upon which they pontificate.

    I mean to not exclude any of the diverse performers who perform drag. Just sayin’, drag and trans are not the same.

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    1. Hello Ali. I love the comment they know the names of all the guns, seems as if they’d know about the other things upon which they pontificate. How silly to think they use facts. These people run only on emotion. They don’t care what is true or made up as long as it makes them look better, makes their side the winners. I once had a hard right republican racist bigot who was sending me racist stuff that I would fact check after I read it. I would send him back the correct information. He asked me to stop sending the corrections back because it did not matter to him he said. He said the important part was to get the lies out in the public about black people, to get people to think the lies were important. He claimed that it did not matter if it was a lie as long as the right won. I cut off contact with him that day. I did not realize what a racist bigot he was and how he felt when he kept contacting me. I think he felt he could convince me he was correct in his racism. Oh how wrong he was. Hugs

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