LEAKED: Audio Exposes Conservative Plan To Attack Contraception Rights & IVF

ProPublica has obtained audio of a call between Tennessee State Legislators and Anti-Choice lobbyists, Will Brewer, the legal counsel for the organization Tennessee Right To Life, who urged Tennessee State legislators to “play offense” and refuse to accept any exemptions in their legislation.

8 thoughts on “LEAKED: Audio Exposes Conservative Plan To Attack Contraception Rights & IVF

  1. This is a very unsmart move. As an FYI, 90% of US Catholic women per survey a few years ago, support the use of birth control in direct contrast to the Vatican. Plus, birth control is the best method of preventing abortions, bar none. And, the IVF comment makes no sense whatsoever if the goal is to promote procreation. Of course, the hidden message is the group does not want same sex couples using it. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. They want to remove birth control because it gives females / women control over when they will get pregnant which gives them equal access to sexual pleasure as men have. It is several things really. These people will claim it is putting god back in charge of if a woman or couple have a baby, but it really is about control over women and preventing women from being sexually active before marriage. As a woman if you know that you could become pregnant and be forced to carry a baby to term every time you had sex, add to that you need a partner to help you financially to raise the baby these people think it wills top women from having sex until they are married. And it will be married to a man as they plan to get rid of that abomination same sex marriages. The added benefit is more babies which is something the religious leaders / conservative media are pushing hard. I am not sure why the world population just went over 8 billion, but they seem to think it will force white women to have more white babies. That is my thought, it is about controlling and forcing a woman to be dependent on a man and insuring a biblical morality. As for IVF I think you are correct in that, the other thing is to fight abortion a lot of the anti-abortionists started claiming that conception started at fertilization. Hugs

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      1. Scottie, you are correct that is their warp viewpoint. My wife reminded me of how mad her religious mother got at her when we induced labor on our third child who was one week late. She said her mother said we were playing God. In truth, my mother had come up to help after the birth which would not come. This is the mindset.

        I think there are two solutions to these problems – one is women voting telling these primarily men to mind their own business. The other is a sex strike. OK, you don’t want me to use birth control, so I am going to do the ultimate birth control – abstinence. Keith

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        1. Hello Keith. About the sex strike that only works against the men pushing these views. Most of these men who are older or are in deeply religious sects are married to women who have been taught to obey them. The rest are not married as women find their views abhorrent and struggle just to get a date. If they are pressuring their dates to have sex they are violating what they claim to believe in, which is not something new for far too many people. So the ones the sex strike would hurt are the women who enjoy it, their loving caring partners, and those who support a woman’s right to choose. Now it is true it works. I forget what country it was done in where the majority of males refused to give women rights, and the women said no! Very shortly the situation changed for the better for women in that country. Hugs


      1. Hello Ali. I can see that if you think every fertilized egg is a human created by the work of god, but that makes no sense when you think it out. Because just because it is fertilized doesn’t mean it is a human child until it is implanted and grows through the stages to be a viable baby able to live without the body of the host. But speaking of every sperm sacred, then boys going through puberty must have vasectomies. Not to put too fine a point on it boys waste a lot of sperm, some more often than daily. If contraception should be illegal then masturbation should be much more than a sin, it should be illegal also. But they forget the male, he is excused in all sex related things because a man has a right to sexual pleasure and women don’t, men can because men make the rules, and women cannot because they are property of the males. In their view, not mine. Hugs

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        1. I agree with you on that, Scottie. At first, the anti-choicers thought they had a whole new adoption industry to run, adopting out what they called “snowflake babies”-because each snowflake is different, so each embryo is different. It petered out, especially when it turned out that they needed the actual owners of the embryos to give permission for use of their embryos. Now the rightwing uses “snowflake” in an entirely different fashion! Buttheads. And no, they don’t think, they just latch on to something they’re sure they’ll never do, call it sin, and condemn it.

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          1. Hello Ali. You make a great point I overlooked, thank you. Christian adoption agencies make a huge profit on selling babies and slightly older children. They are not really interested in getting homes for older kids without families as there is no real profit in it. But babies, especially white babies pull in big bucks that can go to the church of their following to be used to push their religion on everyone. It adds hopeful future butts in the pews, increases their numbers, add to the collection plates, and in their minds spreads their power to push their god. Getting the babies into homes / families is not the point. Their goal is to put the babies in Christian homes at great profit. Hugs

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