Matt Walsh Is A Total Charlatan

Matt Walsh is asked if he sees a link between pharmaceuticals and genetically modified food, and whether it’s affecting how people see gender. Walsh buys the theory and alludes tangentially to a report he saw about sperm counts among men have decreased significantly over the years. Walsh can’t confirm the correlation between genetically modified food and gender dysphoria, but does think that “…clearly there’s something in the food.”

2 thoughts on “Matt Walsh Is A Total Charlatan

    1. Hello Ali. The thing that is finally coming to light about Walsh is that he is a complete fraud. He claims to be an expert on the subject of children and sexual orientation / gender identity. He entire surge into the public eye was based only on the anger / rage he was spewing against trans people. Turns out he has not advanced or higher education, he is not an expert. He is a theocrat. Yup, he wants to institute biblical rule in the US. He wants the laws set by the rules of the bible and his church doctrine. Recently it came up that before he rose to fame due to attacking trans people and gay kids he was publicly advocating that young girls just entering puberty should be married off as it was in the bible and centuries past and girls should be having babies by 14 because in his view girls peak sexual time is about 16. This is a man who screams about teacher acknowledging that gay people not only exist but are normal are sexualizing kids. I wonder how many of these right wing anti-gay anti trans people are like Walsh in their views on child sex? Maybe that is why he is OK with religious leaders like Priests having sex with kids? Hugs

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