Tucker Carlson Tells Fans To Arm Themselves Against Drag Queens

Tucker Carlson claims to be frustrated with the media and liberals for pointing he is culpable for violence that what happened in Colorado Springs because his past calls for Fox News viewers to arm themselves against Drag Queen Story Hours.

11 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Tells Fans To Arm Themselves Against Drag Queens

    1. Hello Roger. He claims he doesn’t. He claims that he is just using his first amendment rights to point out what he calls the truth. He makes the false claim it is the left creating hate and rage against the right. Hell Lauren Boebert claims she is the true victim of the Q night club shooting and that she never said bad things against the LGBTQ+. These right wing politicians have learned they can outright deny reality and everything they don’t like even if it is recorded just like their cult leader trump. Just deny, say no, blame the person saying you did what you did, and they know that their base is a cult who won’t check and even if told the truth will refuse to believe it. Because they don’t want to. Facts and truth are what they want it to be. Love Unicorns, hell they exist and walk around all the time. Everyone knows it. Everyone is talking about it. Why do you hate unicorns so much? Hugs

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      1. There is no truth in supporting aggression; there is no dignity in trying to avoid responsibility. These folk talk of nothing but ruination and despair. Blinded by their hate and fear.
        Priests at the foul altar of Hate.
        They will reap a bitter harvest, starved of any compassion.

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  1. It reminds me of a former president who says he is not responsible for inciting violence at the Capitol building. Altogether with Tucker and Donald in your best toddler voice, “Mommy, I did not do it. They are just being mean to me.” Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. Yes the republicans have learned the cult like base wont check and doesn’t care because reality is only what they want it to be. They run on feelings not facts. But that part of the base cannot win in a general election, so the party is split between those wanting to acknowledge reality and those that go full maga. Lauren Boebert just claimed she was the real victim on the Q night club shooting because the hateful dirty gays / and trans people who are grooming kids for sex / gender change are saying she inspired the hate and rage against the pedophiles that call themselves LGBTQI+. Yup we are claiming truthfully that she helped create a rage fueled environment against the gay / trans community so that makes her the victim not the people dead and wounded. WTF is going on in the US. Hugs

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        1. Hello Keith. I understand what you are trying to say. I get the sarcasm. But as like with trump you cannot shame the shameless. You cannot use reason against these people, you cannot reality / truth against them, mean while they blame everything they are doing on others while claiming victimhood for themselves after what they did caused death / harm to others. It is more than sickening, it is scary that so many of the right wing media promote these ideas / these politicians for the power they can gain at the complete loss of the country and the lives of the people they attack. I have seen the effect of the rhetoric in my own area, in my own dealings with people. It is the quiet snubs, the lack of invites where once we were part of the group, even worse is the ability of one spouse to act for the other in things like picking up medications or making phone calls, something that was not an issue a year or so ago is now becoming one as DeathSantis / republicans intensify their war on the LGBTQ+ which means me and my husband. Thankfully we are beyond the age of going out to night clubs but the reports of attacks on people leaving those places are rising. Hugs


    1. Hello Ali. Love it. Yes anything can be used as a weapon if you know how or need it to be. But what Tucker is saying is worse. He is reversing reality to make it seem that they the good guys are under attack against the evil bad child sexers. That it is necessary and a public good to kill the LGBTQI+ to save the children and society from complete collapse. By spreading that he does several things. He makes it seem like a good and necessary thing to attack those people, then he inspires more attack to drive the LGBTQI+ back into the closet out of view. Plus he is trying to create the environment that if a person goes to trial for harming a gay or trans person the jury will let them off like whites who killed black people were let off in the south. It is insidious the society that people like tucker are creating in the US. Hugs

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