Jenna Ellis: Club Q Shooter’s Victims Are Now In Hell

How offensive and over whelming Christian privilege.  This woman is a right wing die hard LGBTQI+ hater and so wants to change the conversation from the damage done to the victims bodies and to the fact that hate ended their life.   Yes these people died because of the hate spewed by people like her, herself at various times, and the party she represents.  Their lives on earth ended due to the hate rhetoric she spews.    But she doesn’t want you to think about that, she wants you to worry about their souls, something not proven to exist nor can be proven to be in jepoardy even though she hopes they will be.   I would like to think that if a real deity exists they would judge a person on far more than the gender they love and what they do with those gender parts with consenting adults.   Hugs

“The five people who were killed in the nightclub that night, there is no evidence at all that they were Christians.

“And so assuming they have not accepted the truth of the gospel of Christ and affirmed Jesus Christ as the lord of their life, they are now reaping the consequences of having eternal damnation. And that is far, far greater. 

“We should be having that conversation instead of just the tragedy of what happened to the body, we need to be talking about what happened to the soul and the fact that they are now in eternal separation from our lord and savior Jesus Christ.” – Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis.


15 thoughts on “Jenna Ellis: Club Q Shooter’s Victims Are Now In Hell

  1. The bible clearly states to “judge not that ye be not judged.” Her remark: they are now reaping the consequences of having eternal damnation. is a judgment, is it not? But hey … it’s just a saying in the bible, right? It’s so much MORE important to utter righteous rhetoric to show what a TRUE believer you are.

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    1. If she’s a TRUE believer, then I’m the president of the USA.

      She’s carrying on what many (most?) early settlers to America wanted. Not freedom of religion or even freedom per se, but freedom to persecute dissenters, religious or otherwise. Even after 4 centuries, nothing much seems to have changed there.

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      1. Hello Barry. I agree. Sadly the misinformation and indoctrination of what the original settlers came to the US for and what they wanted to make is obscured by ideology. Everything from the original manifest destiny to now the right pushing American exceptionalism with the idea that there were no other civilizations here until the white settlers moved in. Also part of that is the black people loved being slaves as that taught them Christianity along with how to have a community. It is sickening how hard the right is pushing this white washing revisionary history, but it seems there is no way to stop them in red states. I am afraid for the generations of kids coming out of these schools with this misinformation. How can we function when a large portion of the population is so badly misinformed? Best wishes

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        1. Regarding American slaves, there was a “mental illness” named Drapetomania that resulted in slaves fleeing captivity, along with Dysaesthesia aethiopica that caused laziness. It’s quite amazing how “Knowledgeable” people can invent illnesses to suit the social norms of the day.

          With regards to the mythologised version of American colonisation that most Americans hear, there’s a site I discovered today that tells a very different story: TRUTHSGIVING | The Truth Will Not be Whitewashed.

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          1. Hello Barry. They really had to make something up rather than admit to themselves that people don’t want to be owned property with no rights made to suffer at the whim of others? They couldn’t understand someone not wanting to do the very thing in the very conditions they did not want to do so they were forcing others to do or be lashed or harmed / killed? They really had to pretend this fiction thing was real to excuse their own stupidity and behavior. Man, white supremacy and slavery was worse than I knew. Best wishes


    2. Hello Nan. When it comes to biblical issues and what is in the bible, I will always defer to you and your judgment. For those that may not know Nan researched and authored a grand book on religion that was one of my go to resources when talking to Christians. If such a thing interests you, please ask Nan about it.

      But I would ask why the gloating? Is that a part of the Christian religion that they get to glory in the pain / suffering of others? As I said in my post, she had no concern in their human life / body on the planet, and she expressed no concern for the many people now in the hospital with large medical bills they cannot pay, all due to the hate driven by the right / republicans. Where is her Christian concern for them? She is connected to wealthy people, is she trying to fund raise to pay for the expenses her hate filled rhetoric has caused? Hugs

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      1. The evangelical churches tend to put much more focus/attention on what HELL is and who’s going there. They seem to believe that instilling fear is more effective for winning souls (and keeping them in the church to pay tithes & offerings) than focusing on LOVE, which is actually the core teaching of Jesus.

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  2. My own faith tradition considers heaven and hell a matter of conjecture and unfruitful in contributing to making life in the here and now a better place. If there is a deity (I am convinced there’s none) then he/she/it/they would surely see LGBTQI+ folk (and neurodivergent folk) in the same light as CisHet folk.

    Whatever Ellis, she’s not a Christian by any standard I’m aware of that exists in this part of the world, although it might be different in the US. She no more represents the values of Christianity than the Taliban represent the value of Islam or Putin represent, Democracy and freedom.

    A paragraph from a recent Washington OpEd sums it up nicely:
    It’s right-wing rhetoric that sparks these nightmares. And here’s the bonus for the instigators: The bottomless list of homophobes and transphobes on the right don’t need to throw the rock and then hide their hands. Instead, they use someone else’s hands entirely. After ginning up hatred for a particular community through fear, lies and conspiracies, all they have to do is sit back and wait for someone to do their work for them. [emphasis mine]

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    1. Hello Barry. Thank you, that is well said. Both what you wrote from yourself and what you included from the OpEd. Words of wisdom. I think it would do all of us benefit to look at our own actions and how they affect the state of others, than worrying so much about making those others do as we wish. For example, I do not judge or wish harm to any straight person who has relations of any kind with another consensual adult, I do not spend any effort or time thinking of what they might be doing with each other. I simply don’t care, it is their concern not mine. Yet there are those that are more obsessed with what others do with their bodies / genitalia with other consenting adults than even those of us that do those things are. To us it is just a normal part of life, not the thing we obsess about, well at least not since we were teenagers. Yet there are these moral guardians who seem to feel they need to watch over the private acts of everyone else, even as they scream “Freedom” as a rallying cry for those regulations they don’t like. Please keep adding your thoughts / opinions. Hugs

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      1. Well, except, I’m still a believer, but I also agree with what you wrote up there. There is no evidence that Jenna Ellis is a Christian, either. She’s definitely misinformed as to what a Christian ought to be saying about this mass shooting.

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    1. Hello Randy. Oh you naive fellow you. You have to understand there are two Jesus beings. There is the loving caring personal Jesus that just wants the best for humanity even if that doesn’t include him and there is the republican Jesus who is a tyrant seeking to control and beat into submission all life forms while he watches what kids going through puberty do with their genitalia and seems to enjoy subgrating anyone who is not just what his acolytes think they should be. The republican Jesus uses his time and power to gloat over the suffering of others and promoting more power and money to his chosen leaders with the well-known and never mentioned in the bible prosperity gospel. The republican Jesus has a deep hate for all the same people his bigoted ignorant church leaders do and he has no care for how good a person is but only if they hate the same ones as he does and if they oppress others by forcing all people to worship the republican leaders … I mean the republican Jesus. Love you. Hugs

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