Shooter’s Friend: He Never Claimed To Be Nonbinary – JMG

I recommend reading the linked article.   I did and it has some good information.   But the idea of the shooter being non-binary is nonsense.   I normally allow people to state their gender and their sexuality, but in this case all evidence of this person’s past including all their writings and social media shows he hated LGBTQI+.   His family was maga, his grandfather ultra maga.  Sorry this is another case of trolling.   The defence wants to mute the hate claim so they claim he was a member of the community so how could it be a hate crime.   But he really never was part of the community was he.   Did he march in support, write in support of the community on social media, did he fly pride or trans flags?   No he instead spewed hate and vitriol on the community.   I read a story once where a person killed their parents, and then asked the court for mercy because they were an orphan.    It really doesn’t matter if he was non-binary.   He killed 5 people who shouldn’t have died that he had no right to pronounce death to, he injured so many more that now have high medical bills they are struggling to pay that he is not paying for.   It doesn’t matter if he is non-binary what matters is what he did and what it cost others.   That said a lot of complaints and issue in the LGBTQI+ community is that the media is agreeing to use the lawyers claim of they / them pronouns.  Stop it now, the complainers are wrong.  Yes it is a scam, an attempt to avoid the hate charges that increase the penalties.  It doesn’t matter that the media honors how he wants to be identified.    It is important that the media and the authorities honor those requests, those different gender identifications.   How often do we as the LGBTQI+ community get rightfully angry over police not honoring the gender identity of suspects or prisoners?    We legitimately do.   We can point out it is a dodge and an attempt to avoid punishment for what he did, but we can still honor the request.   it doesn’t change what he did.     Hugs

NBC News reports:

A recent neighbor of Club Q shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich said he spent hours talking to the FBI on Tuesday morning. He told investigators the suspect made several hateful comments toward the LGBTQ community. “Just expressed he didn’t like the LGBTQ community,” said Xavier Kraus, who lived across the hallway from Aldrich. “And pretty sure at one point he expressed he hated the LGBTQ community, he hated gays.”

“This is not the type of person I would take around my gay friends,” he said. Kraus said he and Aldrich became close friends last year. They bonded over tech and video games. According to Kraus, Aldrich and their mom moved into the apartment building in August 2021, which was shortly after deputies in El Paso County arrested Aldrich on multiple felonies.

Read the full article.

According to a just-aired report on CNN, Kraus says Aldrich never mentioned being nonbinary in their times together.

In the video below, Aldrich’s biological father, a former porn actor, claims that Aldrich’s mother told him in 2016 that Aldrich had committed suicide. As CNN has extensively documented, Aldrich’s mother has had a hosts of arrests related to arson and substance abuse.

Elagabalus • 2 hours ago

The cynicism of Anderson Aldrich’s legal team to toss the “non-binary” label out there for sympathy is, legally-speaking, every bit as ugly as the crime itself because it mocks the dead and everything they stood for.

Judas Peckerwood Elagabalus • 2 hours ago

“I, too, am a Jew,” said the death camp commandant at Nuremberg.

another_steve band💋 • 2 hours ago

Most of society, I’m guessing 95%, have no idea whatsoever regarding what nonbinary is or means. They think it means “fucked up” or “mentally ill.”

Wouldn’t surprise me if this is part of his legal team’s defense strategy.

He’s mentally ill. Not competent.

JoeMyGodMod • 2 hours ago

Speaking of substance abuse, forward to a closeup of the father speaking and tell us he wasn’t higher than fuck right then.

StuckNtexas JoeMyGod • 2 hours ago

ME THinks he is tweaking hard. Also, the reporter said they had to edit much of his anti-LGBTQ rant.

Randy Left Brooklyn JoeMyGod • 2 hours ago

The father has a history of drug abuse including methamphetamine. His porn name is Dick Delaware. He isn’t bad looking for a straight dude in porn, he has a big cock. You can see him on

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