Hate Group To Spend $1 Million On Lying Anti-Marriage Bill Ads During This Weekend’s Football Games [VIDEO] – JMG

These religious groups are terrified that same sex marriage will be codified into law as they see their goal of getting it overturned at the supreme court.   We have had legal same sex marriage / marriage equality in the US since 2015 which is by my math today been 7 years without any of the horrors they promised happening.   But more than that same sex marriage has been legal in other countries for over 20 years now.   I think the real reason they are desperate to stop the legal same sex marriage / marriage equality is it gives a lie to their view of their holy book and the power of their god.    If it was truly such an abomination and so hated by the supreme most powerful being in the universe and yet he doesn’t do anything to stop it or prevent it, it makes their god look very weak.   I really do not understand why this issue matters so much to them and why they try so hard to stop it.   I don’t care about straight couples and their marriages because it doesn’t affect me at all.   Why would my marriage, which is in reality a civil legal contract between adults be of any interest to these straight guys?  Maybe other people can figure it out.   But as Ali said to me on another post, think of how many people could be housed or fed with that money.    Hugs

Glenn Beck’s right wing The Blaze reports:

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, is spending more than $1 million to run advertisements during the Thanksgiving weekend NFL and college football games to warn Americans that the new Respect for Marriage Act will “expose religious schools and nonprofits to lawsuits,” Fox News Digital reported. It is the biggest campaign the Heritage Foundation has ever launched.

The Respect for Marriage Act’s final vote in the Senate is scheduled for Monday, which, if passed, will codify the right to same-sex marriage. “America’s religious liberty is under attack with this impending vote in the Senate,” Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts said. “This legislation does not add one additional benefit to same-sex couples in the United States; it’s an attack that sets the stage to take rights away from people of faith.”

See the ad below.

What, me worry? • 11 minutes ago

I’ll bet that these same people think that black athletes and allies should just shut the fuck up about civil rights because sports shouldn’t be used for political reasons.

dempseyzdad • 40 minutes ago

It is just so exhausting to ride this fucking rollercoaster. We have marriage equality, then we don’t. Then we do in some states, then we don’t. Then because of ONE swing vote on SCOTUS we got it. Now Congress votes on it, we think we have it for good, now possibly we don’t again. What the FUCK is wrong with this fucking country?

JWC • 43 minutes ago

Horrors They are trying to take away our right to Hate and Lie. This is America !! We we will not tolerate it. its an infringement on out God given rights

Max-1 🔫+cult(R)=☠️ • 2 hours ago

Remember: FIVE people lost their lives last Saturday evening due to anxiety driven propaganda against already marginalized people…

The Radical Right just can’t resist seeing more blood.

kaydenpat • 2 hours ago

What harm has marriage equality caused to opposite sex marriages? This just feeds the violence that we saw at ClubQ

Judas Peckerwood bambinoitaliano • 2 hours ago • edited

The country is inching towards Iran of 40 years ago today.

weshlovrcm • 2 hours ago • edited

Radical anti-gay pressure group “Heritage Foundation” wears a 3-piece suit rather than a brown shirt, but it’s still a bunch of thugs doing all they can to smear, revile and cancel gay Americans.

9 thoughts on “Hate Group To Spend $1 Million On Lying Anti-Marriage Bill Ads During This Weekend’s Football Games [VIDEO] – JMG

    1. I haven’t figured out how to place an image in a comment, but this billboard at an NZ church was one of many seen around the country shortly after same sex marriages were recognised here in 2013 conveys a similar message. Of course a few haters here vandalised the billboard – several times.

      Pre-covid, this nation profited to the tune of over half a billion dollars annually from foreigners marrying here thanks to our magnificent scenery – around 25% of those being same sex marriages. With subsequent travel restrictions, that has dried up. Even so, almost 3% of all marriages performed here in 2021 were between same sex couples.

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      1. Hello Barry. Thank you for the information. I love the acceptance of your country and that you can benefit from acceptance / tolerance. Also I want to point out that regardless of the threats and warnings from these hate groups their deity has not destroyed your nation yet with fire and brimstone along with all the other horrible curses that accepting gay people and their marriage equality causes their god to do. I has not happened to your country, and it has not happened to ours. But they keep making the threats in the name of their god. Best Wishes.

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    2. Hello Nan. I forget their names but there was a young girl / young boy famous singers that got married for hours, like 54 hours. The right wing celebrated that before the two young adults had it dissolved. That was considered a proper marriage by these right wing church leaders and the republicans but at the time these same right wingers were fighting marriage equality because it made a mockery of marriage. This showed how it really was not about marriage itself but in truth was about controlling who could enjoy the benefits of a state / nation recognized legal marriage. These people simply did not want gays to have the same benefits in society that the straights had. Hugs

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  1. Gay or anybody else’s marriage between consenting adult humans in the US has nothing to do with religion. Marriage here is a legal contract, it is not a religious thing. People had weddings in the Bible, but it is a legal contract in the Bible, (OT) too. Many people include their religion in their weddings, and absolutely they should if they like, especially in the US. But it is the legal contract which includes definite benefits in the US, and those legal benefits should be available to all US citizens willing to marry each other.

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    1. Hello Ali. Very true. And if you look at marriage in history the church stayed out of the entire thing until about the 13th century. The Catholic Church did not make marriage a sacrament until the 13th century, and only began to enforce strict religious conformity in marriage in the 16th century — in part as a reaction to criticism from Protestants that Catholics were insufficiently enthusiastic about the institution. This means there is no truth to the idea that god / the bible gave us marriage. The church created the rituals and rules to control property / blood lines of the wealthy rulers. They did not care at all what the peasants were doing it was about power and money, seem familiar? When I was in Germany in the 1980s everyone had to get married first by the registrar’s office, basically a justice of the peace thing, then they could go to a church to have a religious ceremony. I think the US should go to that also, because the US is not a theocracy (yet) and as you say marriage is just a social / legal contract between people. And my feeling is that religious restrictions on how marriage should be structured is unreasonable and religions shouldn’t set standard on what is an acceptable marriage. Just as religions shouldn’t have the right to demand marriage only be between a man / woman / straight couple, they have no right to set the number of people in the arrangement. Here should be the criteria for the legal protections / benefits of marriage: All people involved in the marriage are adults and all persons give positive consent of their own free will. I read a Star Trek novel as a kid where marriages in that reality were simply contracts between consenting adults that were valid for a length of time (10 years) which could be renewed as all parties wishes. That is how it should be. Why should three people living as a joined group have less privileges than two people living as a joined group? Hugs

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