Club Q Shooter Had Racist Meltdown On Flight [VIDEO]

Is anyone surprised he is a racist as well as a bigot?    Hugs

Denver’s Fox affiliate reports:

Cell phone video from a Frontier Airlines passenger showed club shooting suspect Anderson Aldrich and Aldrich’s mother, Laura Voepel, in a heated confrontation with fellow passengers on July 31. The video was taken by Maria Martinez after the Aurora woman said Aldrich referred to her by a racist slur used against Hispanics.

After she was called the derogatory term, Martinez began filming Aldrich and Voepel as they walked off the plane.

Passengers on the flight that day said they remembered Aldrich well, in part because of what they told each other after their flight home to Denver. “Even my friend was like, we won’t be surprised, like, if he’s a mass shooter. And it was scary to think that,” Martinez said.

Read the full article.

The altercation reportedly began when Aldrich screamed at Martinez for supposedly taking too long to take down her suitcase. According to Martinez, when a black passenger attempted to calm the scene on the plane, Aldrich hurled the N-word at the man. Per the report, Aldrich’s mother caused a scene before the plane even took off, hurling slurs about a different young woman and her baby. Martinez says Frontier Airlines refused to take her complaint.


liondon#traitor-ex-president • 3 hours ago

After I saw the video of his murder daddy yesterday…this is certainly not surprising. The whole family is trash

Jonathan liondon#traitor-ex-president • 2 hours ago

Calling them merely trash is too polite. They are the sewer line to the nasty trailer park.

S_E_P Sam_Handwich • 3 hours ago

Poor Tinky Winky gets no credit anymore for the downfall of western hetero civilization!


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