Let’s talk about ignoring Trump tantrums….

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about ignoring Trump tantrums….

    1. Hello Keith. I agree this is important to understand. tRump is not going to go away until he is forced to do so. As Beau says unless you defang him and his cult, it builds on itself until it explodes. We have seen this through history, horrific abuses do not stop until they are stood up against. It happened during the civil rights struggles for black people, it happened during the early fights for civil rights for the LGBTQI+. These and other examples showed that until people stood against the abuse / hate / bigotry / racism it kept going. By letting trump show the success of ignoring reality and still getting what he wanted, by letting trump get away with bullying the press and forcing them to lie / misinform the public for him, it spread to the majority of the republican party, inspiring election denying maga candidates to go even further in that vein. We have to stand up to it and push back hard to make it go away if we want a civil society where reality / facts matter and decent fair treatment of others is a virtue to again aspire to. Thanks Keith. Hugs

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      1. Scottie, fully understand. I had a different line of pushback that the former president spawned yesterday. We parents have long worried about our kids getting in with the wrong crowd of friends leading to trouble.

        The former president keeps company with a known white supremacist leader (as Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson said yesterday, this meeting was no accident). He also is or was good friends with Roger Stone, a self-professed “dirty trickster” and Jeffrey Epstein, a man who allegedly pimped out young girls to rich people and who committed suicide after being jailed pending a trial and Ghislane Maxwell the broker for such girls was convicted of such.
        Plus, he has a crush on Vladimir Putin who is not known for his good behavior. Finally, his mentor was Roy Cohn who also advised Senator Joe McCarthy, of communist witch hunt fame and told Trump to never apologize and sue everyone.

        The question to ask folks is help me understand why we should listen to someone who seems to be more interested in the opinions of people we would not want our kids to hang out with. For that matter, we would not let our kids play with little Donnie either.


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        1. All that you write is true, Keith. But it seems the average MAGA individual is more enraptured by his wealth and self-described talents in business dealings. They aren’t as interested in his less-than-desirable “friends” as they are what they think he can do for THEM. IOW, they live in the shadows and avoid the sunlight.

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