Let me explain. Or why I got to bed early.

Yesterday … was a good day really.   I hope everyone had a great holiday if you celebrate it, and a great day generally if you don’t.  I woke up at around 1 AM and dosed on and off in short bursts which Ron was doing also.  We kept telling each other that we were going to get up then drift off to sleep for a short bit only to wake up and watch the clock for the next 45 minutes.    But I did get up at 6.  

I got Ron up at 8 and I got showered and headed out for my blood work.   Everything came back good except my triglycerides are high, as are most peoples.   That is because I eat a lot of bread and pasta and always have.  Yes I am diabetic, yes all my doctors tell me to eat other things.   Here is a secret I learned in childhood.  Fruits and vegetables are only safe to eat if covered in frosting, chocolate, or other super sweet substances.   Otherwise fruits and vegetables are toxic to the human body.   I will eat a couple vegetables like corn (never creamed) and lettuce, I love mushrooms, and I love tomato based red sauce, which is a fruit, right! Anyway I have a narrow set of foods I like and one of my favorites is pasta and tomato sauce.   

I ate spaghetti & sauce at noon, got tired and at 1 PM went to lay down for a nap.  Ron joined me for a couple hour nap.   Got up at 3 PM and puttered around until about 6:30, when I helped Ron make a new batch of spaghetti (yes three meals in a row but Ron did not feel like getting groceries yesterday and our choices were limited, plus for me as I said I love tomato sauce and pastas in different configurations such as baked ziti or lasagna.  The great thing about tomato sauce is it doesn’t have to be the same each time, you can season it differently and it still tastes great.  We make it in big batches of like around 5 quarts at a time) I recently had trigger point injections which help me greatly but mess my blood sugar up badly, makes them go very high.  So I had to take a larger than normal amount of insulin and ate the pasta, the two chemicals fought each other in my body.   I got really tired.

And now we get to the point of all the words taking up space above.  By 7 or 8 at night I normally cannot stay awake.  I have found that if I go lay down for an hour or more and get back up I am OK, but most days I did what I did last night.   I went to bed after helping Ron pick up, around 7:30 PM.  I slept great until 2 AM and laid there tossing and turning basically awake until I got up at 5 AM

The point is that one of the reasons I don’t seem to get much done on the blog / computer these days is I am spending a lot of my time in bed.  I take strong medications that cause sleepiness and being tired, often I have to lay down due to pain levels, add to that the blood sugar issues and you get someone who spends a lot of time napping or laying down.   I need to start getting up at 2 Am which is when I normal seem to wake up.   That would give me more time to get things done.    Anyway just wanted everyone to know.   Hugs

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