Question about categories on the blog

I am interested in the viewers’ opinion of the categories I use to sort posts.   I got into a big mess with my first blog where I had such a long list of categories / subjects I was frustrated having to go through such an awfully extensive list of categories.    When I started this blog at first I was not going to have categories and then decided to bunch them up to make the list of choices short.   But that has led to categories that have two or more different subjects such as Animals / Children / Food being used for only one of those subjects leading people to wonder where the other two are in the post.    Is this confusing for you the wonderful readers of the posts?   Would it be better to expand the categories to single issues / subjects or just stop using them at all?  Let me know.   Hugs

5 thoughts on “Question about categories on the blog

  1. Unless you’re fishing for hits, or selling ad-space, tags don’t mean anything. Just another word in the goggle search-stream.

    I did tags for a long time, but I stopped. I don’t sell advertisements; I don’t do this for hits.

    Pick one, stick with it …

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  2. IMO, categories are to help “non-regular” folks find (usually through the WP Reader) topics they are interested in — so I do think they are a good thing. The ones I use include more “general-type” topics (e.g., religion, abortion, climate change, finance, etc.).

    If I want to get “specific”, then I use “tags” — which I think are what Google looks at more than categories — and make them more specific to what the blog post is about. For example, in this post of yours, I would probably use something like … “using tags in blogs”, “importance of categories” “Google and tags.”

    IMO, using your example of “Animals/Children/Food” as a Category is confusing. If I were looking for a post on Animals (as in their habits or training techniques), why would I go to a site that also includes Children or Food? See what I mean?

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    1. Hello Nan. I do see and it was why I was asking. Originally I thought it would make it easier for me, but all it has done is add confusion. I will put it on the long list I have of things to get done. I went to bed at 7 PM last night, woke at 2 and couldn’t get back to sleep. But rather than get up and start to get things done I did not get up until 6 AM. I am again getting back to the way I was in 2020 where I was too tired to think or do anything. I will go back on a B complex as the doctor suggests. Maybe then I can catch up. I am not going to get much done today I think because I hope to go out with Ron shopping today. Hugs


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