New State Voter Fraud Units Come Up Empty-Handed – JMG

If you go read the article you see things like this; “We’ve heard stories about voters who are eligible to vote but have a criminal conviction in their past, and they are now scared to register and vote,” said Michael Pernick, a voting rights attorney with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. He called it “deeply concerning.”   This was all about scaring the more marginalized members of society from voting.   After all the unpopular minority republican party needs to cheat as much as possible to be able to win.  Hugs

The Associated Press reports:

State-level law enforcement units created after the 2020 presidential election to investigate voter fraud are looking into scattered complaints more than two weeks after the midterms but have provided no indication of systemic problems.

That’s just what election experts had expected and led critics to suggest that the new units were more about politics than rooting out widespread abuses. Most election-related fraud cases already are investigated and prosecuted at the local level.

Florida, Georgia and Virginia created special state-level units after the 2020 election, all pushed by Republican governors, attorneys general or legislatures.

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Todd20036 • 5 hours ago

Funny how most of the actual voter fraud was from republicans

DevilDog • 6 hours ago • edited

These enforcement units found no indication of systemic problems because they were (conveniently) looking in the wrong places. What about examining GOP gerrymandering, voter intimidation and suppression, marginalization of minority voters, refusal to make Election Day a national holiday (as it is in some countries), etc?

J Ascher DevilDog • 6 hours ago

Exactly! If the agents looked at rich, conservative, retirement communities, they’d find a lot of fraud and suspicious activity.

Ann Kah • 6 hours ago

The fraud is ithe campaigns, the lies, the troll farms, the gerrymandering, and the pre-election voter suppression, not in the vote itself.

thud Ann Kah • 5 hours ago

This is misdirection. Keep people looking at a few individual voters while their systemic efforts disenfranchise millions.

What, me worry? crewman • 5 hours ago

I wonder if now they will quietly stop claiming that all elections that they don’t “win” are somehow stolen… The gaslighting is really getting on my last nerve.

Ninja0980 • 5 hours ago

And yet the voter suppression laws will stay in place because it’s never been about fraud, it’s been about making it harder to vote.

greenmanTN • 5 hours ago • edited

Most people here get it, but just in case, here’s a recap.

GOP politicians have been screaming that the 2020 election was stolen, and in a very limited and twisted way, they are RIGHT. They had worked very hard to steal the election themselves, by purging voter rolls, limiting when, how, and who could vote. But then Covid came along and many states enacted new voting rules to increase access to voting to accommodate the new social distancing. So their hard-working effort to steal the election didn’t work; the people they attempted to prevent from voting were allowed to vote. THAT’S what they’re mad about, what all this talk of “voter fraud” is really about underneath the surface. Their own attempt to rig the election didn’t work. And they’re pissed about that!

heleninedinburgh • 6 hours ago

Then look again! Hard! Like this – no, harder than that! Because there’s got to be someone, somewhere, who’s doing it, otherwise this would just be a big waste of money designed to intimidate voters, especially voters of colour, and a respectable political party wouldn’t do that.

What, me worry? heleninedinburgh • 5 hours ago

That last bit is the bright shining lie in all of this. Republicans are all about making sure that the black and brown people are kept away from the polls. I’m really excited to see that wherever possible, early voting is catching on. I’ve been voting early for a long time now. These days, I’m doing it by mail. I get my signature and ballot notarized, just so they can’t fuck with me. I can get that done for free at my credit union or at the election office.

JackFknTwist • 5 hours ago

I entirely agree with other posters here:
– the voter fraud is wholly Republican in the gerrymandering and the intimidation of voters and their removal of ‘Drop boxes’, so as to make it more difficult to vote.
So, fuck you Republicans in Florida and everywhere.

thatotherjean • 5 hours ago

Well, duh. The whole “voter fraud” thing was political grandstanding, not a serious effort to counteract fraud, because there wasn’t enough to worry about to begin with.

PhillyProfessor • 5 hours ago

Voter Fraud Unit finds nothing.
MAGA response: I’ve been telling everyone that the Deep State goes even deeper than anyone suspected, and this just proves it! See! I’ve been right about EVERYTHING ALL ALONG !!! And Hillary, Hunter Biden and George Soros are behind it all! Why aren’t they in jail.

Hank: NO MORE WoW!!! • 4 hours ago

Was a single Resident of the Villages, convicted of Felony Voter Fraud, and Lost their Right to Vote???
Yet, voting to allow FORMER Felons to REGAIN their Right to Vote, has been BLOCKED by DeathSentence and the FL State Houses!!!

JT • 4 hours ago

So, they weren’t able to plant enough “evidence”?

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