CNN’s HORRIBLE Rail Worker Coverage

The Recount’s Steve Morris compiled the reactions from multiple CNN correspondents and anchors covering the impending rail workers strike. The coverage focused almost entirely on how expensive it might be for consumers and businesses if the rail workers end up striking, how disruptive it’ll be for the economy, and how it could upend Christmas shopping just a month before the holidays.

2 thoughts on “CNN’s HORRIBLE Rail Worker Coverage

  1. Our local CBS affiliate covers national news just awfully since the new company bought them, a few years back. Every time the legislature and president do something that helps people, (including the newsreaders and their families,) they do this:
    1. Read no more than 2 sentences recapping the action.
    2. Spend 5+ minutes covering Republicans complaining about it. Yesterday, they showed Sen. Hawley (not our Senator though he could be the son of Sen. Marshall but anyway) saying that he couldn’t support what the union couldn’t support because the workers didn’t support any part of it.

    We know most of that is lies. The fix isn’t perfect, but it’s better now, they can work forward on more, and the general public is also benefitted. Republicans just refuse to do their jobs if doing so seems to help Democrats, even though helping Repubs or Dems is not their job; doing the right thing for we the people who pay them is their job. grrrrrrrrr


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