Weird messages.

This is what I am trying to understand and fix.   The other day it said What are you wearing.    I dumped and cleaned both computers, I turned on two step verification and instead of fixing the issue I managed to lock out a 1TB hard drive and lose the recovery partition on the main blogging computer’s SSD.  So far I am losing the war here with this.   I have wrote to WordPress to see what they can find out for me.    Hugs

weird wordpress message.


25 thoughts on “Weird messages.

  1. Are you seeing that at the top of new posts?

    I have noticed it, ignored it as a wp annoyance. Just right-click it and select Remove Paragraph from the bottom of the drop-down menu. I have also noticed wp doesn’t make it easy ~ you have to scroll down to the bottom of the drop-down.

    I don’t think it’s anything more than a wp annoyance …

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    1. Yes … I’ve noticed something similar. As you suggested, Ten Bears, I just delete it and go on about my business. I noticed the code indicates it’s a “placeholder” … ??

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      1. Hello Nan. How long have you been seeing it? I just started two days ago. I thought my account had been hacked. I did all my security checks and it showed no issues or problems, so I dumped both computers and started a bios scan that seems to have destroyed one of my 1 TB hard drives. My fault halfway through it I forgot and shut the computer down. It destroyed half the drive. All this work and the lost of several days, all this worry and it is something everyone is seeing also? Dogs that love gravy I hate WordPress. Hugs


    2. Hello Ten Bears. Yes that is what I have been doing. I thought it was malware or a virus. I was worried my account had been hacked. So you have them also? Wow I should have asked everyone before destroying a hard drive. As you say I can click on it and go to the dots, choose remove paragraph. Thank you. I really thought I was under attack from haters. Oh well I have freshly renewed computers. Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. You also have it? Damn. As I told Ten Bears and Nan, I first seen it a couple days ago. I thought my account had been hacked or I had malware. I dumped both computers, I wipe all my drives, ruined a 1 TB drive, and lost the use of the recovery portion on my blogging computers SSD drive. Even worse I lost three days of blogging and talking to people online. I was so wound up about fixing it I feel asleep at my desk and Ron woke up to find me sound asleep while the computer ran scans. I am so relieved. I even activated the pain in the butt sign on procedures where you have to get a code and type it in to sign on. Guess I can change that back. Why the heck wouldn’t WordPress tell people what they were doing? Hugs

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      1. WordPress itself may not be behind this. It may be that their software has a weak spot that has allowed an intruder to sneak in. In any event, it doesn’t seem to be harmful (so far).

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      2. Everyone does … it’s something that WP has added, though I cannot figure out why, what they would do with it if we answered their stupid questions. I’m really sorry that you thought you had been hacked and messed up your system trying to get rid of the problem, though! You had enough troubles without WP adding to them! Hugs

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              1. I didn’t really figure it was. I still think it has to be WordPress, but maybe instead of trying to explain it to their “happiness engineers”, a screen shot would be more effective.


                1. I just saw your post. Tried their suggestions, and STILL have that annoying “suggestion” for a post starter! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. When I want or need their advice for a topic to write about, I’ll let them know. Meanwhile, the politicians are giving me plenty of “post starters”! Sigh. Hugs


          1. Perhaps, being techies, the didn’t understand the wording you used. There’s nothing loaded into the content of the first paragraph. It’s simply a standard html code whereby a prompt is displayed in a blank field.

            I was a I.T. support engineer for 35 years, and I can vouch that what a client intends to say and how support personal interpret it can be worlds apart. I’m retired now but still provide some internet services to a few clients as a part time business/hobby. And even after 55 years in the industry, I still am amazed at how difficult it is to interpret problems as described by non-techies. Often times it takes longer to unravel what they mean than it does to fix the problem.

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  2. Those questions have been turning up for quite a while. They are WP “prompts” in case you’re running a little low on blogging topics. There’s no need to delete them as they’re only a placeholder that disappears the moment you start typing – the same as “Add title” in the title field or the “Enter your comment here…” when starting a comment. I stopped noticing them a long time ago, and I had to start a new post to check whether or not they were still appearing. They are.

    For all of WP’s annoyances, it’s still the best blogging platform with the best collection of bloggers as far as I’m concerned.

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    1. Hello Barry. The thing that got me was they only showed up on my create page a few days ago and the first one was “What are you wearing”? That was enough to get me very worried. I made a post on the response from WordPress support this morning. As for WP being a better blogging platform I left WP and then came back to it for the features as I do a lot of blogging. However they have a nasty habit of changing things constantly that don’t really need to be changed. Best wishes.

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