Good news / bad news

Good morning everyone, all you grand people who come to my playtime.    I slept last night, the entire night.  Yes!  That is great news because it has been three days of sleepless nights.    Bad news is I have MRIs on my spine this morning.   Now I don’t mind MRIs, the machines don’t bother me.  However I have gotten to where I don’t like to leave the house.   The drive to get to the MRI place is miserable first thing in the morning this time of year.   There are people going to work and that has swelled during season.  The MRI place is just above on the other side of the road from a school and hospital outpatient center.  I will have to leave a lot early just to get there.  It is driving my anxiety over the top.  I never used to be this way I would jump in the truck and drive anywhere without even looking at a map.   But now I get upset to simply go anywhere.   As I told Ron everything I want is right here at / in my home.   But I have to go this morning so I will.   I will see everyone when I get back.   Hugs

OT.  The last time I had an MRI I had private insurance from Ron’s employer.    Then it cost me out of pocket either 600 or 800 I forget.   But it was very costly, and I was having them every two years.  So I have been putting off having them because of cost.   This time I have to have it, so I was willing to bite the bullet and pay the costs.   Yet when I found out the out of pocket cost for a person on Medicare I was stunned.   For two MRIs my entire out of pocket cost will be … $84 dollars.   Yes only $84 dollars.   We need Medicare for all now!    Hugs

3 thoughts on “Good news / bad news

  1. Medical costs have been rising incrementally World wide, ans it seems every nation now rations its availability. In Aotearoa New Zealand it may mean being placed on a waiting list where you progress according to urgency. Everyone has an equal opportunity to expensive medical services regardless of personal circumstances. In America it’s rationed according to wealth. The rich receive it immediately, the poor perhaps not at all if not eligible for Medicare, and the rest a wait until they can afford it. As you illustrate, even for those with health insurance may not be able to afford the co-payment.

    I hope the MRI gives good news, or at least no bad news.

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