Coloring the posts

Hello all you grand people.   I recently asked how people felt about the colors I use on the different paragraphs on things I post.   And I enjoyed all the feedback I got, learned some things, and realized something about why I do the coloring.   

First is the fact that when I write my own thoughts before the subject post or like this, I use bold and the color blue.   Why do I do that?   Because I love the color blue and the bold helps me read it.    As I thought about why I do that I figured out that the coloring started because of my trouble reading the articles on the screen.   I have better vison the last couple years as my eye doctor figured out that I needed prisms in my glasses, but my vision still is not great.    I use 34 inch screens and rarely use my phone for anything I can do on the computers.   That is why I did not know that the phone / tablet WordPress app changed how the posts looked.  I started the coloring of paragraphs because the theme I was using had a light grey for the main type and I struggled to read it, so I changed the colors.   Then I found that when I would read an article I wanted to share I would get more out of each paragraph as I went through the article and colored each different paragraph with different colors.  The information made more of an impression as I went over it again to add the colors.   

As I read the replies it was Barry’s reply that gave me the key I needed.  See I want people to read / watch what I share but I also realize that my many interests are not shared by everyone else weird as that may seem, and people will read different posts based on their own interests or opinions on subjects.   Barry pointed out that those that don’t like the colored versions of my posts can read them in both the WP reader and the WP app on phones and tablets.  I did check and if you use a browser to open my blog you still get the colors.   That also helped me decide.   

I have decided to keep using colors in my posts.  Not only do they help me to read the posts and some people liked them such as Jill and Ali, but as I mentioned those that don’t like the colors have ways to read the posts without them.   But most importantly, as those who responded reminded me, it is my blog and it is an expression of my own creativity not just on content but how the content is displayed.  I like the colors.   I like the one queer news blog I go to that when you highlight the text the paragraphs change colors similar to when I do it.  I think it sets my blog apart from a sea of other ones.   

I really want to thank everyone that replied to my questions on both colors and other things on my blog.  If no one read it, I doubt I would put so much work into it.   Really I can read and watch stuff a lot faster if I was not trying to share so much of it, but I really enjoy the sharing of things.   Got to run, I have a saved bunch of stories to read and maybe post.   Best wishes and Hugs to all.   Scottie

OT but important.   Some people for their own reasons struggle with the idea of hugs at the end of my posts and comments.   Please understand these are not sexual hugs but emotional virtual hugs to express support and caring for others.   It is like the family hugs at holiday get together.   Those who know me understand that growing up I rarely received non-sexual positive touch and as an adult I realize how it affected me and much I missed out on not having it.   After I became an adult and got used to being touched nicely and non-sexually, I realized how positive, how great it made me feel.    I really enjoy the touch on the arm, the pat on the back, the simple nice contact with others who don’t require or demand something from me.  I think there is a reason many cultures have these kinds of contact between people socially.   That said if it upsets you when I reply to your comments by ending with these types of hugs, please let me know.   I will try to remember and not to use the virtual hugs, but instead simply give best wishes.   I may sometimes goof and still give hugs but please forgive that it is not a deliberate attempt to disregard your feelings.  People and their feelings are important to me.    Best wishes / Hugs


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