Is this true?

7 thoughts on “Is this true?

  1. I googled the question because I don’t know. I’d not heard of someone trying, or being denied. But, yeah, there’s a tangled mess on that issue for Catholics. Anyway, here’s this, . Evidently some Catholic [ministers, depending on their station] will do it out of compassion for the parent/s. But it’s not policy.

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    1. I agree with you Ali. It is a tangled mess. The Church theologians and hierarchy can go around in circles with this one. I went searching myself and came across this earlier commentary of 2004, but at the speed The Top of the Catholic Church moves it could have been yesterday:

      There are priests who hold this to be so.
      Copy and pasted from Quora
      Francis Marsden
      38 years a priest. Lived and studied six years in Rome.Author has 7.5K answers and 9.3M answer viewsApr 6
      Can unbaptized babies be buried in a Catholic cemetery?
      Yes, and so can stillborn babies. If the parents intended to have the children baptized but they died suddenly, then I suppose we can speak of “baptism by desire of the parents.”

      Surely if we offer the Requiem Mass for an unbaptised child who has died, thus applying Jesus’s death and Resurrection to their soul, is this not as powerful for their salvation as baptism? Or do we not believe in such power of the Holy and Eternal Sacrifice?

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  2. As you can see Scottie from Ali and my exchanges…..
    Like Birth Control what goes on down at the level of the family is another matter.

    There are quite a few catholics who hold to The Celebration of The Mass and the Teachings of Christ who snort derision at many of the rulings of the Catholic Church.
    The trouble is there are too many agendas more concerned with politics and dogma.

    And actually the Catholic Faith (as opposed to Church) is not the monolith some at the top (and its opponents) would have you believe:

    The struggle against dogma and oppression goes on at all levels everywhere.

    Best wishes you guys.
    Roger & Sheila.

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    1. Hello Roger. I find most religious people tend to view their personal situation as exempt from what their religion says everyone should be doing or is required. For example I have read of people who protested abortion and fought for anti-abortion laws who when their daughter / wife got pregnant felt they were entitled to the abortion services, after all a pregnancy would screw up their future. But your daughter or wife were just being sexually promiscuous so they don’t get one. Hugs

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