Let’s talk about the text messages of Mark Meadows….

3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the text messages of Mark Meadows….

  1. We watched on all 3 national (US) network channels for mention/coverage of this on the evening news. Nothing. Stephen Colbert at least brought it up in his opening monologue, but DH says it was short, sweet, and somehow funny. I was asleep by then.
    This is a hair-on-fire thing, to me; those congresscritters are still serving and collecting their pay from our US Treasury, and people are all, “Ha, ha! Ah, well! That’s Republicans for ya! Ha, ha.” Let a Republican sell arms to Iran against all laws, to support paramilitaries in S. America; let a Republican break his promise to support a small country while actually supporting a bully who’s overrunning that country; let a Republican use the US military to invade countries to get a pipeline and to avenge the threat against his father, and then you get a Republican who not only incites an armed insurrection against the US legislatures but plans it and executes it with some of those legislators. IOKIYAR. But let a Democrat get an extra-marital blowjob, and holy hell breaks loose, and Republicans never forgive or forget.
    I still cannot fathom the idea that killing people is not worse than an extra-marital affair.

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